Save DIO’s Memorial from Evil Scum, Blasphemers and Vile Hate Filled Propagandists

According to, one of Americas forefront groups of hate are planning on picketing and consequently disrupting the Public Memorial for the legendary Ronnie James Dio on Sunday, May 30 in  Los Angeles.

The good, bible abiding folks from Westboro Baptist Church have taken it upon themselves to claim Dio is currently in Hell and they need to preach the good name of Jesus to mourners attending the memorial. Did we say good folk? Maybe everyone should check out their websites,, and oddly enough, and see what good folks they actually are.

These sadistic, warped, bigoted, mindless American cults are well known and lampooned far and wide by the rest of the world but the members of Westboro Baptist Church seem to be in a league of their own. They’ve taken medieval views of the world and gone to town with what can only be described as campaigns of pure, misguided hatred. Maybe the phrases Love Thy Neighbor and Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged never registered with them, who knows? Or maybe this is what happens when you do drink the Kool Aid.

Anyone attending the memorial should make their greatest, non-violent and example setting efforts to ‘persuade’ these protesters it’s in their best interest to get as far away from LA as possible and never ever attempt and denounce or attack the great Ronnie James Dio at his own Memorial service. Show these ‘religious’ hate groups how civilized the metal community can be, even when it’s being attacked by sick, vile hate mongers with no other purpose than to introduce more pain and anger into the world.

In case anyone has reservations about this groups intention, be sure to check out some of their previous protests against US soldiers killed in action and victims of violent attacks.

Tickets There sympathies remain with Ronnie’s wife, Wendy Dio and we hope these fanatics don’t have any impact on next weeks memorial. Read Wendy’s comments about the protest by Clicking Here (Blabbermouth).

Join The Facebook Campaign to Stop these Hate Mongers from protesting at Dio’s Memmorial and hopefully get them banned from protesting at a funeral or sad occasion ever again!CLICK HERE.

There will be a public memorial service for Ronnie James Dio on Sunday, May 30 at 2:00 p.m. at The Hall Of Liberty located at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068. This will be a celebration of the life and music of Ronnie James Dio and is open to all of his friends and fans from around the world.

Rest in Peace Dio \,,/


3 Responses to “Save DIO’s Memorial from Evil Scum, Blasphemers and Vile Hate Filled Propagandists”

  1. Well said! One of the best posts I’ve read by you Rob. I just don’t understand how it’s considered acceptable to allow this hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church to continue preaching such malicious drivel.

    • Thanks Nay. These people are deranged. Their ‘church head’ is twisted, mindless old fool who’s convinced himself he’s the holiest man on the planet.

      You should watch ‘The Most Hated Family in America’ to get a good view on their beliefs and practices.

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