MySpace Review – The Gandhis

Been a long time since Tickets There’s gotten round to a good old fashioned MySpace Review. In some ways they’re a headache to do but they’re a little more relaxing (and cheaper) than forcing ourselves to grab a new album and write a full summary in a day or two. Monday morning rambling. Was that as boring for you to read as it was for us to write? Good J

Today we’re going through the Dublin Rocks! Bands and checking out the ones we haven’t heard before. Up first is Dublin four piece, The Gandhis who describe themselves as Pop / Alternative / Other. It’s the ‘other’ that gives their sound that extra appeal that’s keeping Tickets There listening.

As usual, we’ve never seen the band live or heard their album.

After two songs (Promise Lane & The Ruby Show), The Gandhis sound like a mesh of The Coral and The Clash with a love for Ska. Promise Lane has a charming lads humor quality with a tongue in check, relaxed style of playing. The Ruby Show is more solid and direct but the Ska sound helps the song loosen up and rather than being straight punk, which it could easily be. Not bad at all.

Guy Like Me has some of the silliness from Paradise Lane and drops the Ska sound in favor of a more la, la, la acoustic harmony driven pop style. Would have felt more at home in the mid-sixties but the lads play well, there’s alot going on and they sound like they’d be alot of fun live. Final song, Don’t You Want To Be Loved By Me is back to a more direct form of song writing. The style is still quite relaxed but the quality of the song writing is on a higher level than Promise Lane and Guy Like Me.

All in all, pretty good. We weren’t expecting much but they’ve definitely cheered up our Monday morning. We recommend you have a listen to Ruby Lane and go from there. Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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