I’ll Eat Your Face – Irritant (Album Review)

Better late than never, Tickets There finally got round to some record buying today and a spit EP by Dublin band, Hands Up Who Wants to Die and, more importantly, Cork metal heads – I’ll Eat Your Face has prompted us to download the latter’s debut album, Irritant. Not to give too much away, but hell howdy are we glad we did.

It may be 03.08AM but we just can’t stop playing this record. In reality, we haven’t been listening to the album itself anywhere long enough to immerse ourselves in each songs character but Tickets There has finally been paying attention to these guys over the last few months and any fans of heavy metal / instrumental rock / metal are going to love this. Every song sounds like the heaviest things that have ever come out of Ireland. Unlike similar acts, there’s little to no hint of Indie. There’s no synths or ballads. There’s no w**king off into self fulfilling ego moments. There’s just grinding, heavier than hell storm bringers. Bring on the might, the fury and the fight!

It ain’t a collection of radio singles and it ain’t a conventional album. Instead, it’s thirty odd minutes of pure assault. Tracks such as Irritant, I Have A Wolf on My Head, Dr. Pancake’s luxurious Ratskin Housecoat and Pecks From hell will send you into a dizzying metal Euphoria while the rest of the album will keep you there.

With the traditional ways of legacy burdened Heavy Metal becoming stale and overly ugly in today’s high definition society, it’s good to know the roots aren’t necessarily the strongest limb anymore.

I’ll Eat Your Face Play Dublin’s Twisted Pepper on March 20th with Ten Past Seven and Hands Up Who Wants To Die

Download Irritant FOR FREE @ This Location


One Response to “I’ll Eat Your Face – Irritant (Album Review)”

  1. Such a good album. I mean, SUCH a goooooooood album!

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