The AU Magazine Phone Box Experiment, starring James Hendicott

Have an emotional problem? A Music Question? Relationship issues? Or, would you just like to call someone and generally blag about how great things are? Well, AU/State writer, James Hendicott has announced plans to spend ten hours beside a Phone Box this Saturday and take calls from anyone who wants to talk. There’ll be prizes available for the furthest away calls, funniest calls..etc and general chat for everyone else. Full Details can be found below.

Be Sure to check James Facebook Event Page and sign up by Clicking Here.

Phone Box Number: 018304049
Date: Saturday, 27th February
Hours: 09:00 – 19:00

Follow Updates about the event on Twitter – #phoneboxexperiment

‘On Saturday the 27th of February, I will be spending the entire day, from 9am to 7pm, sitting next to a phone box in North Dublin and answering the calls of anyone who happens to want to get in touch. THE NUMBER IS 018304049. If you’re outside Ireland, you’ll need to add the international code +353. Call me!

WHAT/ WHY? This is a slightly silly bit of experimental journalism for AU Magazine, and a follow up to an article I had published last month about a guy who did the same thing in a phone box in Spain for ten days. I will post the story below, for those who are interested. Why are we following it up? We thought it would be funny. We think we can make a story out of your imaginative phone calls, and we don’t mind testing our endurance when it comes to standing in the rain. If you know me, this is the perfect excuse to catch up, or to make fun. If you don’t, we’ll be giving our prizes for the funniest calls (I’ll tell you what they are, but only on the phone on Saturday), as well as for the person who calls from furthest away (or can convince me that they’re in Mongolia) and for anyone who can find the phone box, especially if they bring me beer (clue: contrary to the article, I wont be in Phoenix Park. The only working phone box in the entire park was right next to a kids play park. I don’t want to be accused of pedophilia. The location is far more urban).

Read More @ The AU Magazine Phone Box Experiment, starring James Hendicott Facebook


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