Rage Against The Machine: Irish Tour Date Announced

Fresh on the heels of their very first U.K. Number 1, Rage Against The Machine have announced They’ll play Dublin’s O2 Arena on June 8th, one day after KISS destroy the place.

Date: 8th June 2010
Venue: O2 Arena, Dublin
Cost: €65.60 – €70.70
Info: Tickets will be on sale this Friday (the 19th) from ticketmaster.ie. Limited to 8 per person. Normal fees apply.

Ticket Detials can be viewed @ This Location and Promo notes can be read @ This Location.

Last week, RATM announced details of a free gig in London’s Finsbury Park on June 6th to celebrate the band beating this years X-Factor finalist (name shall not be mentioned) to the coveted U.K. Christmas Number 1 slot, ending X-Factor’s monopoly on the position. The bands classic, Killing In The Name Of, grabbed the top place after a facebook campaign was started in the UK specifically designed to beat the X-Factor finalist. KITNO reached number 2 in Ireland.

UPDATE – 10:48 (15th Feb)

Tickets will cost you a pretty steep €67.50. If KISS can manage to play the same venue with a much bigger stage show for €49.5, I’d love to know why Rage have to add an additional €20 for their gig. Seems the anti-capitalist group are making Irish fans pay for their English fans free gig.

Check MCD Promotions for more.


5 Responses to “Rage Against The Machine: Irish Tour Date Announced”

  1. Contentious and a very valid point. Unless Morello’s saving up for hair transplant, there’s really no reason to charge this amount for this gig, no matter how many Christmas number 1s they might have.

    I mean, it was because of the fans that they were brought back, right? Surely exploitation is the best way to repay that faith?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how do you buy the tickets?

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