The Smashing Pumpkins – Widow Make My Mind (Single Review)

In the year 1555 AD, the poet Dante Alighieri’s defining contribution to the literary world was released. The Divine Comedy told a story of Dante traveling through the seven circles of Hell before passing through Purgatory and eventually moving onto Heaven to culminate in a meeting with God. The poem is, for lack of a better word, amazing. The visions, imagery and complexity are astonishing and it gives mankind a window into the mindset of medieval religious beliefs and fears. However it seems Dante forgot or declined to mention one of Hell’s most torturous elements, a ‘song’ titled Widow Make My Mind that has recently been recorded and released by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Yesterday Tickets There had the unpleasant experience of hearing Billy Corgan’s latest efforts and it’s fair to say the Pumpkins are now lost forever. Describing the song would be completely and totally pointless because it’s so devoid of life that the only reason I’m writing this review is because I wanted to post that intro (thought of it in the shower and had a chuckle).

It’s just a pointless, useless, terrible excuse for a song from a man who once fronted one of the most influential and powerful bands in the world. Their last studio album, Zeitgeist was a complete commercial and critical disaster but it seems Corgan is intent on finding out of the Pumpkins can sink any lower and guess what, they have.

Well done Billy. Next time release a solo album instead and let the Pumpkin name retain some shred of its former credibility.

(NOTE: Tickets There refuses to point you in any direction that might let you hear this obnoxious piece of music.)


6 Responses to “The Smashing Pumpkins – Widow Make My Mind (Single Review)”

  1. Oh my, such an AWFUL REVIEW from what looks like an AWFUL WESITE.
    It was nice touch adding the useless historical introduction to try and make yourself seem clever but you didn’t pull it off.
    At least I know now never to visit your poor excuse for a website again, so it’s not all bad.

    TICKETSTHERE(awful name btw) – 0/10

    • Ah Mike, Considering you didn’t stretch to defending the song, your comment just can’t be taken with any seriousness.

      Listen, you’re not mad with Tickets There, you’re mad at Billy Corgan for running one of Alt-Rock’s greatest bands so far below the ground they could scratch Ken Rudd’s ass. I’m sorry if we just preferred it when the Pumpkins rather than Jessica Simpson wrote Smashing Pumpkins material.

      It’s a terrible song, the review perfectly accounts for how awful the song is and Tickets There is an incredibly insightful and amazing website. Why would else would you take the time to read our reviews and comment?

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for ‘braiding our prayers

      Best Regards,
      Tickets There

  2. You know, this actually really makes me want to hear it. Not because I think it’ll be a good song, I’ll presume it’s not considering all of Billy’s post-Machina II material, but because it’s nice to take someone who was once one of the biggest names in world music and juxtapose him to modern acts that could be considered ‘alternative’ and see just how much the musical territory has changed!

  3. Actually y totally agree. I had never in my life been so disappointed as when i heard that mess Billy Corgan calls music… I know, being a true Pumpkin fan, not just an emo teen thinking zetgeist ruled, that the Pumpkins will never be. For me, at least, this clears up a big doubt I have had in my mind since 93, there is absolutely no way that Corgan did Siamese Dream all by himself, as thought by many. The actual fact that his new solo music sucks is solid proof of this. I do think he should lay of the Pumpkins, I almost started hatting them… but then i listen to the true sound of Chicago, i listen to soma, mayonnaise, zero, bwbw, even the Machina acoustics, and I remember why I have loved them for years… Jimmy, D’arcy and James are much more than what we all thought…

    • Did Emo kids really like Zetgeist? Well thank god, for a moment I thought Tickets There was compleltly out of touch (like an aging Beatles fan trying to understand the Pistols in the seventies) but no, if they liked that heap of shit then they really don’t have taste.

      Cheers for commenting Martin, come back any time!

      Best Regards,

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