MySpace Review – Beastmen

Well it’s a New Year and Tickets There is now finally happy enough to proceed with all the changes we hinted at, blogged about, ranted, raved, sang and argued about and so forth. Yes, a new era for Ireland’s self-proclaimed ‘sexiest music blog’, The true semi/part-time champions of the Irish independent music scene and lovers of all things Def Leppard, Tickets There!….and now on with the show.

A couple of years ago, Tickets There were not major fans of instrumental music…and we’re still not. In spite of this, the overwhelming number of impressively impressive instrumental acts this country’s producing is impossible to ignore and acts like The Redneck Manifesto, The Jimmy Cake, ASIWYFA and today’s featured review subjects (Spending a lot of time in the lab TT? – Ed), Beastmen , are quickly turning old fashioned rock singer die hards like Tickets There, into instrumental fans.

As usual, we haven’t seen the band live or heard their album / EP.

In spite of our growing love for this genre, we’re still not entirely sure how to review instrumental act. To us it’s either boring or, it’s deadly, very hard to find the middle ground. Like, what’s the point in mediocre instrumental music?. If it’s the same thing over and over again and the thing isn’t that good to begin with, then it’s crap. However, if the music keeps changing with new elements and changes constantly being added that all sync up and flow well together, then we like it and Beastmen’s first song, Porphyrin does the latter.  It’s a little less evolving that some of the other work we skipped ahead and listened to but as first songs go, the futures bright, the futures instrumental.

Second track, Esos Guapos Cabrones is a heavier number and as all our readers know, the way to Tickets There’s heart is kicking things into overdrive. The opening riff is unsettlingly familiar to the previous songs main riff but the changes start to come a lot faster in this number. The grandness of the guitars during the main riff take their zest from metal giants of the past and the pace reflects this aswell but the addition of rockier sounding guitars constantly racing alongside the overall flow adds some excitement to the music. The synths and techo leanings heard on Porphyrin are all but extinct on this track leaving a more stripped back, appealing sound.

Third and final song, Clatty uses the same riff to build on. Despite this, it manages to sound harder and fresher. The riffs are faster, the pace is increased and the song finally evolves into the monster you wanted from the start. Combined with the other two tracks, Beastmen have provided Tickets There with ten minutes of thrilling changes, riffs, races, heaviness and enjoyment.

Tickets There’s final opinion – Recommended. Go check out their MySpace now and catch a glimpse.


3 Responses to “MySpace Review – Beastmen”

  1. It’s BEASTmen you numpty!

  2. […] Las criticas no se hacen esperar, y las primeras vienen desde el periódico Evening Echo y desde Tickets There cosechando muy buenas […]

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