Guns N’ Roses 2010 Tour Official!


Moving swiftly along from the disastrous audio spectacle that is Slash’s new single Sahara and it’s totally original B-Side, Paradise City, we can now look on to the happy, happy news that is…drum roll please….the fact that Guns N’ Roses have made the 2010  Tour Dates official.

The bands MySpace and Facebook were updated with the dates today so all eyes on are on the website for the final confirmation.

Lead singer and living rock super god, Axl Rose and the band have yet to make any comment about the dates but all’s looking good so far. With any luck the band will start to announce further dates in the US and Europe soon.

Check Tickets There’s previous post for a full list of the dates and the official tour video by Clicking Here (Dates) and Here (Video)

Guns N’ Roses – gotta love em!


8 Responses to “Guns N’ Roses 2010 Tour Official!”


  2. come to bospop Weert in Holland

  3. Come to Bospop festival Weert in Holland.

  4. Raven Merisi Says:

    come in Romania please!!!!

  5. come to belgium!!!

  6. Hungary!
    Come we are waiting for u!

  7. Ruben Pinto Says:

    Come to portugal please =P

  8. Hungary Hungary !!!!
    come to Hungary ! please .

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