UPDATED: 100107 – Rolling Stones to TOUR in 2010?


According to the Stones, there won’t be any tour in 2010. Check the full story on NME (well, it’s better than us just stealing it, isn’t it? I’ve given you the main point of the story, how much more could you want?…I’m taking ther piss, relax a little :D) – http://www.nme.com/news/the-rolling-stones/49080 

According to NME, Ronnie Wood has hinted that rock n rolls demi-gods, The Rolling Stones may be prepared to hit the road for a World wide Stones tour in 2010.

Before the rumor machine gets going, here’s his exact quote (from NME.com – they stole it from BBC6)

“It’s all very good. I saw Mick and Charlie last week. Everything is great.” Wood told BBC 6 Music, before saying he was confident that the band could tour in 2010, declaring: “Let’s hope so, yeah!”

Head over and check out the full story by Clicking Here.

Tickets There saw the Stones in 2007 and they still have it folks so be sure not to miss this one if it happens. Rolling Stones, still going after almost fifty years!!!


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