MySpace Review – Talulah Does The Hula


There’s been a lot of hype about Talulah Does The Hula since the HWCH festival. They even managed to top the list of ‘most downloaded’ artists out of the 100 bands playing the festival. Now, with a name like TDTH, Tickets There is pretty sure they’ll fall into the Chongo Pop genre we detest, but, in the interest of actually wanting people to visit this site, we decided…after many days deliberation to fire ahead, review them and get the whole thing out of the way before we focus on the band as another easy target.

As usual, I’ve never seen the band live or heard their record.

Ok, the bands big single, Bad Boyfriend is first up (the songs video has also been nominated for Best Video By A New Comer in this year’s IMTV awards). Hmmm, not chongo pop anyway so TT’s relived. Only Fumes and Corpses was enough shit music for today. The singer has a nice voice…very nice actually and the style is more like R n’B or soul than today’s pop standards. The chorus is real smooth, clean cut and catchy. Not a bad effort by any means and closer to real pop than most music out there. Yep, the fear has definitely left the building.

Those Girls is next and it’s a little darker at the start. Not Cradle of Filth dark, but very Weezer-ish. Remember old Weezer? Yeah, that one. Chorus is more upbeat but not as catchy as Bad Boyfriend. After listening for awhile, the song does grow on you a little. It’s slow and could possibly do with a little shaving here and there, make it a little shorter. Not bad though. Brick for A Brain has a little Pixies rip off, a band Talulah seem to be a little influenced by. Kim Deal kind of vocals, full of little electronic nudges from one of those happy sounding key boards. Light guitar and drums and a very background sort of bass. I like the verse, nice and uneasy (good uneasy). Song itself is a tad dull. It lacks any sort of kick and no kick = no joy.

Order is next and also the last of the studio tracks. The last three are all live recordings from Crawdaddy. Bridge is good, just waiting for the chorus because the verse didn’t hold much. Hmm, chorus is alright. Very slow again and nowhere near the quality of Bad Boyfriend. Ah, not Tickets There’s thing but I’d say there’s a big audience out there for it. Think we’ll leave it at that.

Tickets There would recommend them if you want some dancy, poppy music for the evening. They have the potential to be a great pop act but it’s early days as far as song writing goes.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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