ASH Start A – Z Tour: Setlist!!


Ash’s A – Z tour kicked off last night in Aldershot (no idea, somewhere in England…look up Google Maps if you care so much). According to the official site a good night was had by all so folks, Dublin calling!!

Remember Ash are playing the Button factory on November 25th!!! Tickets are on sale now and you’re guaranteed a night of full frontal, explicit, naughty and damn right savage Irish rock n roll baby!!!!

The lads are in the middle of releasing 1 song, every week for a year (26 in total) and there’s a handful of them in the set including Arcadia and Return of White Rabbit (ROWR is not one of the 26, that was just an advance kid n of warm up – Ed.)

A few more tracks like Uncle Pat, Angle Interceptor, Jack Names the Planets and we’re sailing. TT hopes to see you all there. Ash are probably Irelands leading rock group at the  moment. Their back catalogue is over crammed with hard hitting belters and by all accounts they’re incredible live. Be there or be somewhere sad, pathetic and lonely….or a strip club. But, if you’re going to a strip club, why not head along to the gig first?

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Set List:

A Life Less Ordinary
Shining Light
Joy Kicks Darkness
True Love 1980
Kung Fu
Wild Surf
You Can’t Have It All
Oh Yeah
Space Shot
Jack Names the Planets
Walking Barefoot
Girl From Mars
Return of White Rabbit
– – – –
Lose Control
Twilight of the Innocents
Burn Baby Burn


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