MySpace Review – Sounds Of System Breakdown

Hey Ho folks. It’s Saturday morning. Tickets There has been buzzn’ away to some hard core metal and some classic, blues bastard Rock. Motorhead baby!!!!. Now it’s time for some Irish in the blood. The HWCH 09 Festival is well under way and I’ve managed to find a pretty sweet, last minute inclusion for my list of recommendations. Dublin based Sounds of System Breakdown are completely new to me and they’re damn fine. Damn fine indeed.

As usual, I’ve never seen them live or heard their record.

I’m not actually looking at their MySpace for this one so pleas forgive the false advertising. Instead, I’m using the tracks from their profile on Breaking Tunes. First song, Devil’s Son is like New Order. I’m sure it’s like other techno stuff aswell but I don’t have enough respect for this sound as a serious genre to care. What ever else they sound like, they make it work. Devil’s Son is a great, bleak dark disco kind of number. Alt rock/indieish with the beats constantly thumping away in the background. I think this is my fourth go on this song and every time it gets better. I’m in a bit of a rock mood today so I took a wee break after that sentence and rocked out to some KISS, AC/DC and Judas Priest but I’m back. Always a sign of a good band. Let’s see what else they have. Electrolysis and Mood Enhancers has a semi-annoying keyboard thing in the background but it grows on you. Style of the song is similar to the first one…in a good way. Beats aren’t as strong all the way through but they keep the buzz going. Good bleak disco again (can I TM that phrase? Bleak Disco..oh yes. Tickets loves bleak disco and hates Congo Pop!!). Short, sweet and a good song. Happy out today!

The Secrets Out. Should I write some obvious pun reference or just shut up and mention the song?? Ok, song it is. The Secrets Out is a totally different buzz. The intro relies on guitars rather than the electro styles of the others. You can hear the beats just waiting for their chance and they do come in but in more of a Happy Mondays style than New Order. The Guitar playing is a little more Madchester-ish and it’s damn good. Give this song to Joy Division and it would be classic. Give it to the Mondays and it would have been a classic. Leave it with Sounds of System Breakdown and Ireland has its own club beat / indie styled classic. Jape and Neosupervital, watch out. there’s more of them coming. Good song, alot of changes and bleak indie bits with a nice, heavy back ground (what do you call a keyboard noise that replaces a riff??). Vocals aren’t as strong at the end of the song but it’s still deadly.

Final song, Fragile is my least favourite so far. Not bad, just not half as good as the others so I’m not writing too much about it. Sound of System Breakdown are sweet. Three out of four ain’t bad and it’s a hell of alot better than most bands I listen too. They’re playing tonight at the hard Working Class Heroes Festival and they’ve been added to the list of Tickets There recommendations. Please Click Here for more details.

Also, while you’re at it. Check out Their MySpace

Breaking Tunes – Sound of System Breakdown Profile


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