Updated: Def Leppard Cancel 3rd Leg of Tour


Def Leppard have cancelled the planned 3rd leg of their tour for unknown reasons/ The legendary Sheffield rockers have cancelled 23 dates that were due to start next Thursday in Reno, Nevada.

The reasons haven’t been made clear but a short statement was released on Defleppard.com yesterday,

Due to unforeseen personal matters, the third leg of Def Leppard’s North American Tour, set to begin on October 22nd, has been cancelled. “We know how truly blessed we are to have such committed fans,” said the band in a statement. “That’s why we’ve agonized over this decision. Even if just a single concert, we don’t take cancelling shows lightly, but unfortunately life’s commitments need to be the priority.

Tickets There will keep you updated and we hope all is well in the Leppard camp.

091017 – Updated:

The latest rumour on the net points to low Tickets Sales as the cause for the groups cancellation. Man Raze haven’t been affected in the UK and no word of a family emergency has been released yet. We’ll keep you updated.

091027 – Updated:

Still no confirmed reason why these dates were cancelled. the low ticket sales rumour is still being speculated along with various reports about the band breaking up, members going into rehab and several other unsupported stories. Tickets There doesn’t promote any of these claims because more than likely, they’re total nonsense.



2 Responses to “Updated: Def Leppard Cancel 3rd Leg of Tour”

  1. Howdy folks, seems this leg of the tour was cancelled simply because the lads needed a break. Nothing bad happened, no one got sick just exhaustion set in.

    Tickets There is delighted the greatest band in the world are all ok and we’ll see them back on tour with a new album in 2011 (…maybe, you know them)

  2. i hope there is a new studio album in 2011 by def leppard all new songs all new music followup to songs from the sparkle lounge i hope they also do career spanning box set unreleased studio songs from the vaults b sides thanks jon macvean

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