Hard Working Class Heroes 09 – MySpace Reviews Coming!!

Tickets There is getting ready to return to some Irish music folks. After the Megadeth and KISS bonanzas, we feel it’s time to get back to our roots and bring you some of the best….and a lot of the worst music Ireland has to offer.

Our plan is simple. Rather than searching for bands on MySpace to review, we’re going to do a review of every single band playing the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival this year (excluding the ones we’ve already done).

We were hoping to start ages ago but ya know, KISS!. So we’ll be starting tonight and we’ll bring you a minimum of one MySpace review a day. Forget all that nonsense of starting to be nicer, if the bands are shit, we’ll fucking say it (and yes, the list will be returning Shaun J)

So stay tuned later tonight for the first of many, many new MySpace Reviews!!

All the best,
Tickets There

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