Electric Picnic – Recommended / Avoid


I avoid Electric Picnic like the black death in summer time. I have notions about its organizers, attendees and ideals (surprise, surprise – Ed) and I don’t think it’s a festival that will ever sit well with me. I have my reasons (misguided to say the least – Ed) and I’ll go into them another day but since it’s the second biggest festival in the country, I better mention it.

There’s only a handful of acts Tickets There recommends and here they are,



Rodrigo Y Gabriela: Think everyone in the country has seen and enjoyed this lot, so why not do it again?

The Aftermath: House band this year and more than worth checking out. One of Irelands brightest and best new acts.

Orbital: Not really a fan but I’m pulling at strings here folks and they’re better than a lot of the other stuff on.


MGMT: Don’t get sucked into the hype, snooooze fest galore.

Smash Hits: That can’t be good!



2 many DJ’s: Good dancy stuff and you should be well settled in for it.

Brian Wilson: 1, because he’s the Beach Boy and 2, because he knew Charles Manson.

Jape: Like you’d miss Jape, what the hell else would ya be doing??

Madness: Good tunes and funny. Well worth checking out.

One Day International: Great new band. Did a MySpace review of them and really enjoyed their stuff.

Lisa Hannigan: Tickets There Ain’t a fan, too singer song writer for my tastes but she’s just so lovable. Catchy Davey would be better.


Cap Pas Cap: Saw them before and they’re pretty damn awful!

Mundy: You know why! Someone once described Mundy perfectly to me, he’s not a musician, just a series of hats. Or to quote me good friend Bob, he’s a pig farmer from Offaly. Nice chap, terrible, boring music.



Bell X1 – Always a decent live show. Haven’t seen them since 05 but I’m sure they’re still a laugh.

Alabama 3: There aren’t many band who play more Irish shows than Aslan, but Alabama 3 are one of them. Great rave/country blitz atmosphere.

Rest is pretty mundane for a large festival. Then again, maybe my tastes aren’t as eclectic as EP’s followers. After all, I prefer music, beer and good times, not boutiques, D4 ponches and carbon emissions. Buts that’s for another time 😉

Enjoy folks,


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