Sunday, very hung over, tired and a little grumpy. Time for a review me thinks! Not in the mood for a big intro so here the basic spiel.

Limerick locals, We Should Be Dead are today’s choice for a MySpace review. I don’t know much about them but I saw their album today in Golden Discs and decided to give them a go. I haven’t seen them live or heard the album.

Forget Romance, Lets Dance is first. Intro’s not bad, good strong drum beat and heavy guitars that are a little eighties-ish (Can people of the 21st century not do something fucking new for a change, STOP RE-HASHING the Fucking past people, move on). But it works well here. Unlike other bands at the moment, WSBD keep it simple and this song doesn’t carry any of the wackiness nonsense others seem to be lapping up at the moment. Not a fantastic song by any means, very plain but strong. Whats next?

I Feel In Love With You pop’s along and wastes no time getting straight into the action. Basic guitars again and designed for sher fun. Sounds like A LOT of other music but I’m so happy there’s no lyrics about Ballet Shoes or Snore Bore Whore’s that I refuse to criticise a band who keep it simple and fun, how else could I justify being a Def Leppard fan? (Although, we’ll get into that another day). I Feel In Love With You in alright, but I find my focus slipping easily.

Playback introduces synths to the bands sound. Sounds a little like a song Weezer threw away. The singers voice lets the sound down a little, she doesn’t really cut loose and seems to concentrate on maintaining her ‘cool’ sound. Personally, I need my music to have a bit more strength behind it but what can you do. The more I listen to this song, I realize I cat tell it apart from the other two and it’s very possible the lead singer is using the exact same lyrics every time. OK, enough of that, next song.

Zero Point Five brings their MySpace selection to a close. So far, only the first one is holding any merits in my book. The songs just sound like average eighties, pop/rock tunes. Not much substance and nothing to distinguish them, leaving them to just kind of limp on and on. Couple of nice changes in the last one but my interest has left the building.

Tickets There’s opinion, not bad, would probably watch them live but wouldn’t pay for the privilege and wouldn’t buy the album.

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