Well, it’s been a few weeks which I regret; people were actually reading things last time I was here so I wouldn’t mind keeping that going. Then again, it’s not too bad to take breaks and reassess what you’re doing. Too easy to get caught up in a cliché ideal and I could have been in danger of just becoming another ranting for the sake of it asshole.

However, today’s MySpace Review wont help matters much as I’ve decided to go ahead with the mundane eighties wanna be’s and current culture trend victims, Dark Room Notes. I had hopes that due to the steadily building fan base their acquiring, they might have something to offer the world but nay. Just another bunch of watered down rip off’s with as much imagination on their song writing as Cliff Richard.

As (almost) normal, I haven’t seen the band live or heard their album. Right, lets get started (once again). Lets Light Fires is first up to bat. Very done before intro, drums beats and synths the beg for New Order to sort out. Cant really make much out until the bridge as lead singer Ronan Gaughan wimpers how he and his group “No I wont back down” although it sounds like a stiff breeze would blow him a mile. Kind of hard to take it seriously when an electronic puppy is crying in the background. Lets Light Fires is weak, mostly because of the lead singers voice. The music does mange to get stronger as the song progresses but the chorus is a little annoying. New singer, new lyrics and redo the chorus, could be a decent tune.

The Same City Awaits Me
is next. Another watered down mellow electronic intro. Kind of song that would have appeared on the beach f a good band got hold of it. Lead singers feeble voice slugs in again leaving a gaping hole of emptiness between good playing and his ‘contribution’. If it wasn’t for the moments of just music, this would be a terrible piece but if they ditched the singer, this band could pass themselves off as a poor mans Le Galaxie.

Elm’s next. God, I’m finding it hard to concentrate with the voice, it’s so useless and badly produced in comparison to the rest of the music. Then again, synths keeping butting in with little annoying moments. Imagine Joe Strummer with a vocal problem fronting Moby! That’s kind of it. Very boring, none of the songs stand out. Usually you can tell the difference between the mundane shitty songs and the flagship shitty songs but not this time. .

Each and Every One of Us finishes this mornings proceedings. Intro’s a little more interesting than the others, while still being done with exactly the same formula. Vocals kick in and sounds like Trent Reznor with problems. Whole thing is a little eighties again. What more can I say? It’s pretty much the same as the others except a little darker. Is possibly the contender for best song here but would need a new singer to be sure. .

Not Tickets There’s kind of thing and not good for what it is. I hate these kind of reviews because I keep tuning out and writing waffle. A reputable site would deem it unsuitable for publication, Tickets There has no such standards. .


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