The Rolling Stones – Slane Castle – Aug 18th 2007

Thursday evening, I turn of my computer and finish work and head on over to my friend Niamh for a chat about how many Rolling Stones tickets she has left. After she shows me I fall in love.
Saturday, about 1pm I am sitting down with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee. By 2:00, im on a train to town t0 catch a bus to Slane.
All this seems so done before. It’s raining, really pissing in Dublin. As usual, Dublin Bus is well organized and we only have to walk for about 10 minutes around a block to join the Q for people heading to Slane. After a mere 45 minutes moving at a snails pace, we finally get on the bus which actually gets to the site very quickly.
Next, it’s the undisputed MCD’s turn at organization. The usual 20-40 minute walk from the Bus stops to the site is a joyful as usual, with the added bonus of the rain made all the more fun by no ground placed down on the mud trail to the arena.
After four hours from start to finish, we are inside, the rain stops, the site is smaller than ever with all the new stands, but the same amount of people still inside. I manage to slip which ruins any ideas I had about keeping clean. We make our way down to the front (buying the obligatory t-shirts along the way), and finally arrive at the entrance to the Gold Circle as ‘The Charlatans’ come on stage. After 40 odd minutes of a very boring set (except a mention and tribute to the late Tony Wilson). they finally leave and the build up begins.
The Stones take the stage an hour late, but nobody cares. The giant screen intros with a literal big band, which explodes out across the whole backdrop and further by exploding fire works all along the top of the stage.
The stones emerge out to the tune of 70,000 screaming people. They rip straight into ‘Start me up’ which blows the audience away. Mick, Ronnie and Keif all bounce around the stage like 20 year olds and don’t let a single note sound off. Mick’s voice bursts through the speakers like animal with a mission of it’s own (which it does). Keith and Ronnie shred through the songs as if creating the vehicle for Mick’s voice and Charlie keeps a beat better than any of his 20 something colleagues.
After 40 years of being the hardest rocking band on the planet, the Stones have never been better. Any thoughts that they may be too old to do it are thrown out the window as soon as the first notes hit our ears. The continue into the night with die hard fan favs and greatest hits all thrown into one set topped with an amazing stage design and backing group behind them, as if they needed any of it. The four boys pull this show off by them selves, everything else is a bonus.
Notable songs missing included Angie, Wild Horses, Have you seen your mother lately, 19th Nervous Breakdown and Ruby Tuesday, But the crowd didn’t seem to mind. We were kept busy with It’s only Rock N’ roll, Jumping jack Flash, Paint it Black, Dead Flowers, You cant always get what you want and alot more.
During ‘Miss you’ the centre piece of the stage moved forward between the crowd, right to the back of the Gold circle barrier and they stayed there for three songs.
Other notable highlights included, The stage presentation for Sympathy for the Devil, Mick Jagger welcoming the crowd to Slane in Irish, Ronnie wood shouting ‘up the Royals’ (the Meath GAA team) which the crowd booed but seemed to forgive and Keith Richards singing two songs half way through the set, proving that Mick isn’t the only one with pipes in the Stones.
After two hours, with Brown Sugar as the encore and Mick dressed up in long coat a scarf to battle the chilly winds, the Stones called it a night.
Nobody at the show could say they didn’t get their moneys worth, But after two hours of blistering music from the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world. Nobody could say they didn’t want more either, and as the saying goes,“always leave them wanting more”If the stones had gone on for another two hours we would have still wanted more, you never can get enough of something that good, but the Stones delivered everything a reasonable person could want and more.
Anyone who was at Slane and disagrees should remember,‘you cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, just what you need.’Looking forward to the next tour already.

The set list :

Start Me Up
You Got Me Rocking
Rough Justice
All Down The Line
Dead Flowers
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Midnight Rambler
I’ll Go Crazy
Tumbling Dice
— Introductions
You Got The Silver (Keith)
I Wanna Hold You (Keith)
Miss You (to B-stage)
It’s Only Rock’n Roll (B-stage)
Satisfaction (B-stage)
Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
Sympathy For The Devil
Paint It Black
Jumping Jack Flash
Brown Sugar (encore)

The Rolling Stones : 8:55pm – 10:50pm
Stones Hammering on into the Night

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