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W.A.S.P. Playing The Academy Tomorrow Night (Saturday, Nov. 27th)

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That’s right folks, Blackie Lawless and the boys are hitting Dublin tomorrow night for the second time in less than a year. The boys are still touring their 2009 album Babylon but there’s plenty of older hits in there like On Your Knees, L.O.V.E. Machine, Chainsaw Charlie and many more to keep all fans happy.

Gig’s happening in the Academy and if the crowd at Exodus last week is anything to go by, then recession or no recession: this show will be packed.

Dublin Metal Events presents W.A.S.P. tomorrow night in The Academy, Middle Abbey Street Dublin tomorrow night with tickets priced at €23.50. Support from Shadowside.

That’s not all folks, D.M.E. have a pretty savage winter lined up for all you heads out there meaning Fibbers, Brux and Gypsy Rose won’t be going out of business any time soon. Here’s just a few of the shows they’ve got planned.

Napalm Death – The Village (Dec 1st 2010)
Support by: Immolation, Macabre & Waking The Cadaver

Municipal WasteWhelan’s (Dec 4th 2010)
Support by: Saviours & Ramming Speed

DecapitatedThe Village (Dec 11th 2010)
Support by: Nephridium and Zealot Cult

Anathema – The Village (Dec 18th 2010)
Support by: North Atlantic Oscillation

Entombed – The Village (Jan 29th 2011)
Support by: Morphosis & Two Tales of Woe

Nile – The Button Factory (Feb 11th 2011)
Support by: Melechesh

Accept – The Village (Mar 19th 2011)
Support by: TBC

Children of Bodom / Amon Amarth – Vicar Street (April 5th 2011)
Support by: TBC

All details for each show can be found on Dublin metal Events Official Website (Click here).

Meanwhile Tickets There will be the ones robbing the Exodus / WASP poster tomorrow!



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As the white mist creeps over the black lit swamp, the blurry figure of Jape maestro Richie Egan can at long last be seen emerging, synth clutched tightly. At long last the excellent Jape are blowing of the cobwebs for a full blown tour with Fionn Regan and ASIWYFA(they really should be called ASIWYFA for short. From now on, tell everyone we said it first!). Now the tour we already reported on and we don’t repeat news here (*coughs) so you’re guessing there’s another reason for all this unnecessary gibberish.

Jape have announced a headlining show at Dublin’s Button Factory for December 17th. No word on support, tickets are even a flyer yet but you know TT, we’ll update this post as soon as the details come in. Click here to see

Ham Sandwich – White Fox (Album Review)

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They’re back, one of Irelands most hotly tipped bands Ham Sandwich have returned with their sophomore album, White Fox. It officially hits stores in two days but seeing as they’re lovely folks, they’ve allowed State Magazine to post the whole thing online for free streaming. It’s been so long since we reviewed an album here at Tickets There, we’re not even sure whether we know how anymore (or ever did for that matter – Ed.), but over the next few paragraphs we’re going to do our best to tell you exactly how good this album is.

The Naturist was a lovely single in May and now it’s a lovely opening to the album. There’s nothing bad about this song and almost six months after it’s release, it’s as appealing, fresh and loveable as ever. Can’t think of a nicer way to start things off or prepare you for the heavier, faster sounds of the album’s title track, White Fox. It’s upbeat and edgy but broader and more dynamic than Ham Sandwich’s older sound, yet still retaining that energy we love about them.

Ant’s gives of the impression it’ll be a duet folk number like something from the sixties before unveiling its self fully and transforming into one of the most powerful pieces on the record. Niamh Farrell really out does herself vocally, giving the song a very strong performance that really drives this piece home. OH-OH’s dance floor driven poppiness is a welcome boost to the albums energy before the soothing sounds of Models brings us to the half way point. So far, so damn good.

The Fog again gives the album a good belting number, this time coming from the drums. A hard, quick paced beat with picking guitars provides an excellent base for the tracks clap along breaks. Like Ant’s, The Fog grows and develops with each new verse and chorus to become one of the albums standout’s. It’s also one older fans will find comfortable as the sound is similar to previous Sandwich favorites like Click Click Boom and Words.

Long Distance, In December and Animals provide more room for relaxation. Filled with melodic guitars, soft drums and soothing vocals, the songs almost run in to each other but in a very welcome form. They may not be the unquestionable stand outs of this record but their presence would only be missed if they changed. Floors finishes of the record on a very soulful note with Niamh and the band giving a very atmospheric, subtle performance. A nice way to end a very welcome return by Ham Sandwich,

Simply put, White Fox if a lovely album from start to finish. The heavier style from Carry The Meek is all but gone but instead the band can now offer a very personal, mature sound in their writing. An excellent return from one of Ireland’s brightest groups.  

Don’t forget, Ham Sandwich will officially launch White Fox on October 30th at The Button factory. Click Here for Detials.

ROAD RECORDS: Farewell Party Tomorrow Night!

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Road Records may be gone but you didn’t think they’d leave without one final shindig did you? Tomorrow night, the Button factory opens up for a gig that looks better by the minute (off course it had to be held when Tickets There is away at our first festival in 5/6 years and off course it has to include two of our favorite Irish bands of all time!).

Leading proceedings will be Dublin’s much loved, The Redneck Manifesto. The instrumental band will tear the place apart if there’s anything left after legendary post punk, garage rock thrashers Female Hercules reform to kick some serious record buying public ass!

Also set to perform are Legion of Two, Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands, Cian Nugent and Road Records gurus Dave & Julie may even take to stage to belt out a few classic tunes to finish things off in proper Road fashion.

If you’re in town and you regret (like us) not getting a chance to pop in before the shutters were officially closed, then head along and show you’re gratitude for their years of excellent service and craic. Tickets are a measly €16 so no excuses! (Rednecks and Female Hercules for god’s sake!!!)

Tickets There would like to wish Dave and Julie the best of luck tomorrow night; I hope ye have a blast!

More detials below and @ Road Records Blogspot

U:mack present
Road Records Farewell Party

The Redneck Manifesto
Female Hercules
Legion Of Two
Patrick Kelleher and his Cold Dead Hands
Cian Nugent
& Road Records DJ’s
The Button Factory
Friday Sept. 10 2010
Doors 8pm till late
Tickets €16 From City Discs, Sound Cellar & online at

IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year 2009!

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(taking out the word ‘Launched’ from Hotpress. There’s only so many ways to write these things)

Hey folks,

Just a quick word before you’re sent off to a real website for all the juicy details. The IMRO (Irish Music Rights organization) have launched their Live Music Venue of the year award. Each year the organization asks its members to vote for Irelands leading live music venue and according to the facts, there’s over 400 venues that qualify for this prestigious title.

Ireland has a long history of fantastic live music and many of our venues are just incredible. Vicar Street managed to pick it up last year but since they don’t seem to have a lot of bands there any more, TT is hoping The Olympia or The Button Factory grab it this year. Only members can vote so if you can, be sure that you do (sounds like Yoda).

Now, Click here to visit Hotpress and see the actual story.

*UPDATED: ASH – DUBLIN & BELFAST Shows Announced!!

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Can you believe it, just as Tickets There is reveling in the grips of an ASH buzz, the hard rock / alternative indie / dance attack trio go and announce two Irish shows due to take place in November!!

The lads player Dublin’s Button Factory on November 25th before heading to Belfast’s Spring * Airbrake on the 26th.

Tickets for the Belfast date are on sale now and priced £18.50.