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GUNS N’ ROSES: Belfast & Dublin 2010 – The Good, The Bad & The BLITZ! (Live Review)

September 2, 2010

Belfast Photos By Davis Fitzgerald (@ The Belfast Telegraph) Dublin Photo’s By Aaron O’Connor Crap Pictures (Really out of focus, far away/B&W ones) by Tickets There “STOP! Right, here’s the Deal. One more bottle – we go home. It’s up to you. We would like to Stay, you want us to stay? We want to […]

MySpace Review – Bouts

August 26, 2010

There’s something you should know about Tickets There, we always get caught off guard but a solid, unflinching guitar, small changes without stopping the rhythm and harmonies. We just love that combination and when a band manages to pull it off, we always have to stop and have a look. Today’s MySpace Review looks at […]

Review: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax – Live @ Sonisphere (Warsaw, Poland – June 14th, 2010)

June 19, 2010

Almost all Photo’s from Warsawa Gazeta After nearly thirty long years of calls, prayers, pleads and begging from the metal community, thrash metal’s ‘Big Four’ have finally done it. On June 14th, all four bands appeared on one stage to play together and Tickets There, along with 80,998 other metal maniacs were fortunate enough to […]

Review: KISS – Live @ Wembley Arena, London (May 12th, 2010)

May 31, 2010

Makeup on, leather jacket and studded gloves check, hair up, pints down, KISS has arrived in London and so has Tickets There. Wembley Arena may not be the most impressive building on the planet but when several thousand KISS fans descend, it (like all venues that host the legendary American thunder Gods) turns into the […]

Review: KISS – Live @ The O2 Arena, Dublin (Point, ahem) (May 7th, 2010)

May 20, 2010

You may have been wondering why, after all the fuss, the posts, the reminders and constant exclamations of excitment about KISS’s first Irish show we never followed through with the actual review. Well it;s simple, we went to see KISS in London. Now that all the fire works and fuss is over, we’ve finally gotten […]

HY-GIY?: Bell X1 – Music in Mouth

December 14, 2009

Have to take a break from Guns N’ Roses stories and it’s been too long since I revisited some of the finest albums our local acts have released over the years so let’s turn the spotlight on Kildare’s favorite sons, Bell X1. I first discovered Bell X1 in March, 2003. I remember the date because […]


October 1, 2009

Ah, I can’t believe this is the last one already. The sound of the classic ‘You Wanted the Best, You Got the best’ intro is a welcome, welcome return. So, this album was recorded seven years after the Alive III and in that time, the band reformed with their original line-up, played a massive two […]

Radiohead play Creep Live at Reading Festival!!

September 1, 2009

Shock, horror, amazement and astonishment. The blandest band in the world, Radiohead, actually played their biggest hit, Creep on Sunday night. Just saw the report on NME and I was almost bowled over with laughter. What sort of band headlines any huge show like that and ‘surprises’ the audience by playing the song everyone but […]


August 31, 2009

What happened folks? In the mid 50’s, Mr. Elvis A. Presley walked into Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee and became the very first, the best, the symbol, legend, embodiment and icon of rock n roll. Like Sid Vicious to Punk, Frank Sinatra to big band, Johnny Cash to country and western or even Dana to […]

The Stunning – Leopardstown Racecourse, Dublin (July 23rd – Live Review)

July 27, 2009

Every few years, the mighty Stunning emerge from the bowels of County Clare, Galway and Dublin to assault the Irish people with their infectiously catchy, effortlessly cool and charismatic back catalogue of Hits that still need a good milking. Their career was sadly cut short in the mid-nineties but only after the band became one […]

Bruce Springsteen: Live at the R.D.S. 12/07/2009

July 27, 2009

What can you write about the Boss that many other, much better writers haven’t written before? Very little, that’s what. Those who’ve seen his legendary live shows know exactly what it’s like to stand in his crowd and see one man control almost every element, both natural and spiritual around him. More than most performers, […]


June 3, 2009

I must start by apologizing for this review being so behind the times. I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time and I’m finally going to force myself through it. The Bellies release their fourth album (Blue Lights on the Runway) in January and three songs have been posted on their MySpace. As […]


February 14, 2009

“The Point may have now become a fond memory but it’s good to know the bands who make the venues special are still going strong.”

The Foo Fighters and Nine Inch Nails – Marlay park – August 22nd 2007

March 14, 2008

After several months of debating whether or not to go to my fourth Foo Fighters concert in Marlay Park, I finally decided to go about a month before hand. What persuaded me you might ask? Well, Dave Grohl is one of my favourite front men of the last 10 years. The Foo Fighters are truly […]

The Rolling Stones – Slane Castle – Aug 18th 2007

March 13, 2008

  Thursday evening, I turn of my computer and finish work and head on over to my friend Niamh for a chat about how many Rolling Stones tickets she has left. After she shows me I fall in love. Saturday, about 1pm I am sitting down with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a […]