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Hellfire()Sounds Review: Psykosis (‘Toxic Terror Storm’ Demo)

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It’s Monday, it’s sunny and that means thrash metal is needed! Rather that rooting through the American bands for some tunage, why not try some local home-grown boys who are just as good. Psykosis are a Dublin born ‘n’ bred, God honest thrash band with killer riffs, no quarter lyrics and blistering solos. Oh yes, welcome home!

The band has one demo to their name and are looking to get their debut album out and onto your stereos as soon as possible. In the meantime the demo, ‘Toxic Terror Storm’ will be enough to keep your going. Opening with the rampaging ‘Toxic Fugitive’, the tune immediately blasts you into a no-holes barred, thrash world of carnage. Sneering lyrics overlapped with shredding guitar leads and riffs so forceful you’ll think you’re having a seizure.  ‘Terror At 3 A.M.’ turns things up a few notches with thundering drums/riffs creating a wall of power behind Grant Walsh’s vocals and guitars. Powerful chorus, savage solos – everything a good healthy dose of metal can deliver really.

The Demo closes with the fearsome ‘Bonestorm’ which starts off with one solid riff that pounds its way through the track. If you’re into mind-numbing riff ‘n’ solo style metal, then this is your baby. Dense, hard and heavy and a crackin’ tune to finish the demo of with. In short, Psykosis are a formidable force on the Irish metal scene. Well worth checking out and another band you’ll be hearing more about on Tickets There in the future.

All tracks on the demo are available on their MySpace Page (Click Here) and they play the Wacken Metal Battle Semi-Final II on March 24th @ The Pint, Dublin.


Hellfire()Sounds Review: Exzeltic (Ground Zero EP)

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After seeing these guys on Saturday night at the Wacken Metal battle semi-finals, we’re confident there’s a future for thrash metal in Ireland. Taking their influence from Megadeth, ‘Kill Em All’ era Metallica (when they were actually thrash, like) and the Priest (Judas, not the other kind), the band play fast, heavy metal with riffs, solos and glass cutting vocals. Their second EP, Ground Zero, came out last year and it’s about time you heard it. Welcome to EXZELTIC

Kicking off with ‘Devastator’, the EP launches into raw thrash, under produced but sounding great. The solos are killer, the lyrics are brutal and the singing, well the singing unfortunately falls into the production problem but that doesn’t last and dramatically improves on the second track – ‘Infinity Crisis’..but first you need to get past the monster solo on Devastator, incredible stuff.

Infinity Crisis kicks off with some pounding drumming before the dual lead guitars launch the song to its feet. The riff is catchy as hell, classic crunchy riffs. Singing dramatically improves and the solos agghh. It’s hard to find an Irish band that have a grasp of this style, but Exzeltic have it by the bucket load and these recordings still pale in comparison to their live performance. Another ranging battle of riffs and major soloing later – you have one hell a tune to get through. Raging rampage of carnage, if nothing else.

The EP closes out with a head banging ballad of world ending proportions. Now of course when we say ballad for thrash metal, we do of course mean a clean guitar intro and then open the void and jump. ‘Agent of Chaos’ is one of those frighteningly fast metal anthems that could fire itself onto any decent thrash record and still kick the other tunes asses. This is the moment on the EP where everything falls into place to deliver a 100% bonafide piece of classic music…except that one bit at 04:15, drop that tiny little guitar thing and all is well.

If you like your trash or just like all metal, Exzeltic are the band to check out as soon as you can. Normally Tickets There doesn’t do this, but we’ve included all three of their tunes below because we firmly believe this is one of the most exciting old-skool bands in Ireland at the moment…that we’ve heard.

Hellfire()Sounds Review: Shardborne (Aeonian Sequence E.P.)

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As with the IRISH NOISE! Reviews, we’re not limiting ourselves to just random tracks for the Hellfire series. Today for example, we’ve been listening to Shardborne’sAeonian Sequence’ EP which was released last year as a free download or very nicely priced €5 CD. These guys have been around for almost ten years so we won’t treat them as newbies and neither should you. This EP screams experience, a fined craft for traditional Celtic folk metal and a powerful skill and writing very soothing, involved tracks.

Opening with the fantastic ‘B141’, it doesn’t immediately click that these guys are an instrumental band. Unlike some, they don’t go down the old road of basically writing a normal verse/chorus job and just forget to advertise for a singer. B141 is a mix of fast guitars, heavy drumming and swoops, loops ‘n’ changes. This feel is carried on in second track ‘Deimos’ which pushed both the bands lighter side, with soothing brides, un-intruding guitar leads and waves before the mighty backdrop of drums and riffs trounce in; paving the way for the bleak ‘Aeonian Sequence Pt.1 – Societies Collapse’. Metal military drumming, chaos, sings of strength and aggression all pour into one of this track with the odd moment of computer jazz confusion and emptiness with the lead guitars acting as the protagonist and the wall of sound the antagonist. The jazz moments play Charlie Chaplin.

‘Pt.2, Enduring’ carries on the assault with heavier riffs, more poignant guitar leads and even a touch of romance. This isn’t a song, it’s a full blown stage production with characters, stories and emotion. An excellent piece of music from start to finish that could be amazing in a live setting with KISS’s budget. If you haven’t heard them, check out their Soundcloud and download this. Even if you don’t like instrumental music, I can guarantee you’ll hardly notice and by the time you reach Aeonian Sequence Pt.1 & 2, you’ll be sold. Excellent find! Long live Limerick metal!

Solar Taxi – She Dies With Beautiful Teeth EP (Review)

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We liked them a year ago, now we love them. Waterford electro dance / dirty funk outfit, Solar Taxi, are back with a brand new EP and we think you need to hear it.

She Dies With Beautiful Teeth is comprised of seductively catchy and widely diversified tunes suited for every mood. In just four tracks, the band have displayed an incredible talent for writing some of the most original music you’ll hear this year. With opening track, ‘The Fool’ you’re given a taste of their well established diva dance style which is only toppled by the harder, guitar driven follow up, ‘Glass Hearts’. The styles jump from gritty 70’s funk, to rock to expansive trance, all stripped back to a stimulating melancholic state.

Peachy Peach changes things again with the bands funkier, soul side breaking through to give the EP a healthy dose of Umpf! Bass lovers would be advised to check out some full on, chucky action from Peter Vogelaar, closely flowed by some shredding guitar lead from James O’Halloran. Last track, ‘White Lights’ shows the final face of She Dies With Beautiful Teeth. An excellent song, completely different in style to the other three and one that really serves singer, Aisling Browne’s voice exceptionally well and shows a depth that really stands out against a toned down background.

Excellent work from start to finish and without a doubt a band you’ll be hearing a lot more about over the coming months. In a decade when bands are so determined to stand out, but yet are too afraid to follow the long established guidelines of popular music, it’s comforting to know there’s still a few acts out there who can do it all.

Seamus O’Muineachain – Conflicts at the Sermon EP (Review)

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Looking to put a little transcendence into your day? If so, you’d be justified in checking out Seamus O’Muineachain’s brand new EP, Conflicts at the Sermon. Comprised of three original pieces, the EP is a dark, haunting collection of eerie melodic compositions, mixed through traditional Irish structures (Most notably ‘Away With The Fairies’ bearing the brunt of that description). For classical lovers, ‘I’m Trying To Escape’ is the real highlight with it’s rolling piano melodies and depth.

No we’re not used to reviewing classical music but this is a lovely EP worth checking out. It’s dark in tone but lovely to have in the background for your relaxing Monday. Stream the whole EP for free now at Seamus’ official BandCamp page.

The Walls –Bird In A Cage EP (EP Review)

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Last year, Dublin / Clare rockers The Walls promised a new EP in early 2011 with an album to follow later in the year. So far they’ve delivering on queue! After spending most of 2010 perfecting and touring their two man live show, this is the first solid release of new material since 2005’s New Dawn Breaking and it has been worth the wait.

Taking material from their forthcoming album, Stop The Lights and sticking in a couple of EP only bonuses, Bird In A Cage is an excellent introduction to the bands revived , laid back sound with that striking talent for song-writing Joe and Steve Wall have made their backs on. Opening with the EP’s title track, you’re introduced to a very personal, biographical glimpse into Steve’s childhood with an uplifting chorus that’s sure to bring you back for more.

Chrome Heart brings back some early Wall’s styles with paced lead guitars, low tempo vocals and a chucky bass shoulder to lean on. Being the Walls, the song retracts and expands like nothing else but never loses it’s dead straight composure. All A Blur, also taken from the next album highlights the bands incredible talent for simple, catchy music with no frills needed to make their music any more appealing that it already is.

The Big Freeze brings to a close on a down note. Not that it’s bad, but as instrumentals go there’s not much here. Any fan out there knows the Walls are capable of much better, something that is not only obvious from their previous records, but also from the new material they’ve been playing live over the past year. All that means is we get some crackin’ tunes now and an amazing album later in the year. Not too shabby for Tickets There!

The EP can be downloaded now for €3 from The Wall’s Bandcamp page. Title track Bird In A Cage is also available as a free download on the same page.

IRISH NOISE! – The Danger Is (The Danger Is EP REVIEW)

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Their second appearance in the Irish Noise series and there’ll be many more. No sweeter sound to Tickets There’s ears these days than the lovely Niamh Danger and her band The Danger Is. Quirky, fun, excellent, sublime, lovely, talented, well played, well written, emotional and just the bees knees in every respect under the sun. We hate them, obviously!

After accidently witnessing their performance at last years Temple House Music Festival we were captivated (in a non-threatening / no need for a restraining order sort of way). The songs are just bliss and even if it’s not your sort of thing, Niamh’s obvious charm will whip you in line. For those of you who came to Tickets There expecting blog after blog of Megadeth, you’ll just have to be patient because The Danger Is EP has only come to our attention quite recently (thanks Nialler9) and we want to talk about how much we’ve been enjoying it.

Rub Who You Love, agh god. If We could spend the rest of our lives in a room listening to this incredibly sexy, passionate voice we would be happy little touts. The song is just flat out fun with enough drive to make it serious, enough silliness to put a smile on your face but most importantly there’s the ‘holy god, this is what I’ve been looking for’ factor. Love it. Next up is All For Gold which we’ve reviewed before when it was the only recording we could find….it’s still awesome.

Same Face is possibly our favourite track of the whole EP. Lovely harmonies, excellent vocal structures, lyrics are clever and the music is so catchy we’d nearly get up and dance (something those of you familiar with us personally will know we never do. For the rest of you……ye know it now). Ah who cares what we have to say about it?? Just go listen and enjoy it!

…awkward moment as we still have to review the last song. Ok, maybe stay another minute. Funnily enough, Awkward is the title of the next track – We swear we didn’t realize that..ahem. Moving on, Awkward is the darkest song on the EP, but it’s still filled with upbeat loveliness,  fantastic vocals and ever changing music that is just rampant in it’s simple excellence. Kind of like Tickets (NO PLUGS…or at least make them funny! – Ed). The end of the verse, before the building bit is our hook here. A good heavy bass the just delivers on call.

The Danger Is EP  is without a doubt the most splendid thing we’ve heard this year and for anyone looking for a ‘One to Watch’, these are the guys. Go listen to it @ The Danger Is EP – Soundcloud After you fall in love with them, go and visit their website –
The Danger Is – EP by Lefthand Productions