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Review: Motörhead – Bad Magic

September 20, 2015

Motörhead have been in the press a lot recently and rightly so. The release of their twenty second studio album is a major accomplishment and cause for celebration. Few bands management such a feat and fewer still can still put out a record of this calibre but the unyielding force that is Motörhead have prevailed. Recently, […]

Motörhead Announce new album details

September 4, 2013

The true lords of rock ‘n’ roll are coming back! It’s been almost three years since The Wörld Is Yours hit the shelves and it’s been a long wait for something new from the mighty Motörhead; especially considering the horrible reports that came from Europe over the summer regarding Lemmy’s health. Well never fear, Lemmy […]

Get well soon LEMMY!

July 2, 2013

Tickets There is sending out our warmest regards and best wishes to the legend, Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead frontman and all round rock/metal GOD. The man isn’t feeling too hot at the moment, but prayers, thoughts are with him and bottles of whiskey and jager are waiting for him when he returns. Of course I mean Jack N’ […]

Dear ‘Entombed’ – What the Hell?

February 10, 2012

Last night myself and the mad Brazilian were finishing up our third pints and couldn’t decide if we’d go for another. Being broke, Thursday, drinking weekend ahead of us..etc, we weren’t sure it was the best idea, as 4 generally leads to 8 and 8 leads to vodka and Jag back at the house. The […]

LEMMY: The Movie

April 7, 2011

If you haven’t seen it yet then Tickets There can only advise you to pick up a copy NOW! Before you ask, Lemmy Who? Lemmy ‘Fucking’ Kilmister that’s who!. One of the best music films of all time based on it’s subject alone, Lemmy from Motörhead! Without a doubt the coolest man in Rock ‘N’ […]

The Foo Fighters – Wasting Light (Album Review)

April 2, 2011

It’s hardly surprising that the Foo Fighters have become a band beloved by all. They’ve managed that always difficult task of appealing to fans from every cross section of music and country in the world. They’re so bloody savage that when ever you meet someone who doesn’t like them you’re left with a pity, shame […]