Tickets There’s: 10 Most Evil TV/FILM Characters

10: Kurt Dussander & Todd Bowden (Apt. Pupil)

Perhaps overlooked in favour for fellow film Nazi bastard – Amon Goeth, Kurt and Todd from Apt Pupil are more than worthy of making the list. Despite his age and the decades that have passed since the war, Kurt still poses the evilness imposed upon him during his time as a Nazi officer. So much so that he managed to pass it onto the younger Todd Bowden, a curiously disturbed young character.  

09: Brother Justin Crowe (Carnivale)

Brother Justin is one Tickets There insists on putting in the list. On the surface he’s a man of God and to many millions, a saviour in one of the darkest periods of American economics. In reality he’s a demon, enslaving an army of followers through his violent words, evil ideology and god like powers.

08: Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine always makes an appearance on these lists and rightly so. Aside from mind controlling and manipulating the leaders of the galaxy, ordering the complete genocide of the Jedi and enslaving every planet in the republic, Emperor Palpatine is responsible for murder, betrayal and forcing a father and son to fight to the death in order to seek out the strongest to rule by his side. Lovely chap.

07: Michael Myers

Over the course of the Halloween series, we find out Michael’s soul is kept alive by an evil cult. He is forever cursed to wander the earth and seek out his dispersed extended family and murder all those who get in his path. Current body count: 100+

06: Dr. Satan & The Cult of..

A life dedicated to warped extermination and death, Dr. Satan is one of the most outrageously disgusting characters to make the list but his core evilness and influence on his followers and their actions make him one of the most dangerous, unfeeling characters ever created.

05: Pennywise (IT)

Pennywise is the clown we all feared in our younger days…and not much has changed. A ancient demon that casts a dark shadow on the small town of Derry, Maine. He keeps the townspeople in a permanent state of delusion hypnotism and awakes every few decades to kill and feed on both adults and the young. Almost unstoppable, IT will forever be one of our worst nightmares.

04: Vigo

Underrated as far as Tickets There is concerned. Vigo’s soul is immortalized in the form of a painting, waiting for a human child to be offered up to give him rebirth so he can once again cover the world in darkness and sit upon a throne of blood as our ruler. He may not have committed the on screen acts of the 10-5 characters here, but the throne of blood thing is pretty bad so all hail Vigo!

03: The Cenobites

In reality they Cenobites are possibly the most evil of all characters, but they don’t seek those who don’t seek them first. Former humans now mutilated and deformed after centuries serving in hell, bringing pain and ‘glorious suffering’ to all those who ask. Twisted S&M fantasy and depression will probably bring you into their path, be careful what you wish for. 

02: The Evil Dead
All in the name really. Read from the Necronomicon and awake the Evil Dead, tortured sprits from another dimension whose blood lust and thirst for evil is unquenchable.

01: Eric Cartman

Persecution of the Jews, Infecting others with HIV, dismembering and cooking corpses, impersonating the mentally ill to falsely enter the Special Olympics, belittling those with physical differences, caused one classmate to commit suicide and another to attempt it through bullying, tricked schoolmate into eating his parents cooked bodies over $14, introduced the woodland critters to our imagination, kidnapped one friend and hid him in the wild for a week in order to take his place at a birthday party, faked tourettes….words cannot describe the total evilness of Eric Cartman. South Park’s answer to the anti-Christ. Eric is a warped, demented, selfish, twisted little boy capable of the most violent deeds on earth.


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