Beastmen – EP2 (Review)

Ah hell yes! Beastmen are back with a new EP, a more spacious sound but! they ain’t forgetting the massive helpings of their guitar laden, riff filled instrumental metal that made us like them in the first place. We’re slightly late getting this review up but better late than never. The lads are hard at work on their 3rd EP so now’s your chance to check out what’s come before.

‘Horsehead Nebula’ kicks things off with fearsome power and energy. Full on galactic-electro dementia with massive helpings of ass kicking riffage! ‘Sunday’ is a little faster once the voice over’s and distant sirens fall off. The drums and guitars really cut a place for themselves and create a solid frame that explodes through the dense wall of noise that precedes their arrival.

‘The Streets of LV42’6 continues the post rock, electro vibes from Horsehead Nebula, but again explodes forth with some high toned guitars that wrap themselves around a sinister melody. Excellent tense/building in the structure and no sings of this EP letting up.

‘Intrö’ drops all the abundant space effects and retreats to the bands always excellent basic guitar, bass and drum formula for two and a half minutes of excellent instrumental rock. Beastmen always avoid the pit falls of knocking out normal tunes minus the vocals and always give the songs a proper playing field and Intrö is just another taste of this. El Maniaco Contra el Monstruo is exactly what you think it’ll be. Full-on Spanish styled desperado / Tarantino ‘situation ‘ music. Great finish to an excellent EP.

As mentioned, the band are working on EP3 and Tickets There cannot wait. Stream EP2 now on their official Bandcamp page and prepare to let a new band into your life.


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