Review: Fox E. and the Good Hands – Live ‘Saucy Sunday’s’ @ The Grand Social, (Feb 20th, 2011)

Recessions have their purpose, for those of us who like to see the good side at least (*on hands and knees – Please lord, don’t make Tickets There eat those words with your wrath). Aside from tax increases, less benefits, no jobs and, oddly enough, rising prices; there are some perks like Saucy Sundays at the Grand Social. A whole day of free music with food and booze deals to boot. Having never been, Tickets There jumped at the chance for a new experience accompanied by music from Kildare’s excellent Fox E. and The Good Hands. There were others…..but let’s not go there.

With recent line up changes now finished and a whole batch of new material rarin’ to go, The Good Hands are looking and sounding better than ever and they’re finally ready to seek out some real success. Their blues / soul / rock sound mixed with lead singer, Fox E’s sexy, seductive voice are enough to make any music fan drop to the floor in respect for some of the finest talent you are going to hear this year.  

Coming on to an almost packed house, the bands reputation has obviously preceded them with most in attendance rapturously greeting them. Kicking things off with the Forbidden Fruit, the band waste little time living up to the audience’s expectations and winning over the bystanders. A cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity helps the band find their feet on stage which become firmly cemented after a performance of the wonderful For Elise. The sexy, energetic soul feel returns with excellent performances of Ain’t Got No Cigarettes, Please Me and the wonderful I Like It Cury. The bands on stage and audience interaction only heightens your love for them but with tracks like Sunday’s Whore and the others played tonight, they could say SFA and you’d still be back begging for more. If not for Fox E.’s charms and amazing voice then definitely for David’s soaring guitar solo’s or Barry’s tendency to belt out some pretty decent rap solo’s.

Going against the grain tonight, the band are hastily brought back after finishing their set to feed the hungry audience with one final helping of music gold (in other words, a cover of Stevie Wonders Superstition) which brings the house down. An incredible gig from a band that have success stamped firmly across their respective line-up. Watch this space!

Fot those that just can’t wait for Tickets There to get off our bottoms, follow the band on their Official Facebook.


2 Responses to “Review: Fox E. and the Good Hands – Live ‘Saucy Sunday’s’ @ The Grand Social, (Feb 20th, 2011)”

  1. yes they are brilliant, well done guys 🙂

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