MySpace Review – Cap Pas Cap

Right, enough excuses and delays. It’s time to get back to Tickets There’s roots rather than fecking editor Rob’s passions. Cap Pas Cap is a band that bored us to tears when we saw them live. Awful stuff, such a dreadfully boring show. Think they supported Jape in Tripod, but don’t quote us on that. As always with Tickets There, its second chance time so we decided Cap Pas Cap needed another looksy. Without basing the sound on performance this time, it’s actually quite ok, for what it is. In theory this shouldn’t be a MySpace review as we have seen them but it’s Friday, stick your rules!

The whole Joy Division revival thing that’s going on is getting a tad stale. Music minus the soul that makes it legendary but guised in layers of ‘this is actually something deep, deep, deep below the surface’. It’s so deep no human ear can’t detect it, that’s why we only have a few hundred part-time fans, cause they’re the ones who get it. Oh, Sex is On Fire, lets dance! What does all that rubbish mean? It means bands are able to pass of sub-standard, repetitive, entertainment lacking / un-heartfelt mush and claim it to be this enormously complex, thronged with diversity despite sounding like it was written in three seconds Here’s the thing though (don’t ya know), it’ll be respected 20 years in the future because this sh*t right here is well before it’s time.

Utter rubbish and it’s our duty (volunteers, not that anyone actually wants us doing this) to wade through all the *BS and find songs/bands that accidently slip up and write something that comes close to enjoyable music. If you’re in the right mood, Mirrors from Cap Pas Cap will help. Imagine being heavily buzzed with a whitey in a Dutch nightclub toilet with heavy trance music blaring in and no water available. If this song came on, you would kill yourself. If you’re perfectly fine and just a bit drunk around 1.30ish in the morning, then Mirrors sums up the ‘in the thick of it now’ feeling you get when the safety net of another hour or two drinking is left but you have reached the point of happy out.

‘In The Thick of it’ done, not yet. The house / pop / electro styling’s of Friends will liven things back up a bit. Can’t imagine watching it live with any great interest but hand this to the DJ and there will be muchos schmoozey posing and trance style mock dance shapes galore in Whelan’s. Not a bad tune but very, very downbeat so if you’re happy out in mid-town, find some KISS. Wait till she dumps you before hitting this needle.

Tickets There out – for now. Check out the Cap Pas Cap MySpace at Cap Pas Cap…..MySpace

*BS – BS Stands for Bullshit.


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