MySpace Review – The Bonnevilles

Ah thank sweet lord Mary, a band who isn’t boring us to depression wrenched tears. God, sorry for the total lack of updates from yours truly (and Anto) recently, the drought was shocking. Not one bit of motivation after the announcement that Humanzi and another of our favorite bands have probably packed in the game for good. Not too worry tears won’t be wasted on this filth (well, not here. We sob like babies at night…babies!). Instead of wallowing in torturous misery we’ll continue our quest to find good music and spread the word to the people. Today we’re delighted to say we got one, The Bonnevilles.

Never seen em, don’t have their album….but we’ll probably have to pick it up now.

Ah what does Tickets There want from life? That’s right! We want two stripper girlfriends, a lot of drink and some good dirty music to accompany. The Bonnevilles have delivered one of the three and this makes us smile. Mixing their styles between a little rock, post punk, garage rock and even a little bit of country, the band has a strong, authentic sound. Good Suits and Fightin’ Boots is a dirty little stoner rock number with a nice greasy blues guitar ridding through. No Law in Lurgan & Murderers Song confuses us. If it’s one song, it’s savage, if it’s two, it’s still brilliant! You’ve

No major need to go into details of all the songs, they’re all rockin’. Hard to imagine this band not having a real cut-throat vibe and presence on stage. The desperado overtones of God Might Love Me really gets this across so Tickets There will be making a serious effort to catch their next Dublin show. There’s a few different styles thrown in on their songs with a great down toned density to the recordings. Just great but then again, how are you not going to like a band that lists it’s top three influences as Howlin’ Wolf, Motorhead and Wine ?

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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