MySpace Review – ChimpanBee

Well, after a week like that, we think it’s time for a proper break from the most controversial band in Ireland. Getting engrossed in one international group can often lead to negligence of the main goal, which for Tickets There is always the promotion and endorsement of Irish bands. What makes that goal a lot easier is finding an Irish band like Chimpanbee who zap you in with just one song and give you that spark to open word and knuckle down with some good tuneage.

As usual, we’ve never seen the band live or heard their album

For the last half hour, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying The Pressures of Free Money, the first track on the bands MySpace player. This is a real radio friendly number that’s both memorable and ear pleasing. Not a song you’d write volumes about but certainly one that would appeal to the day time DJ masses, without getting on your nerves. Hasn’t for us after multiple listens anyway.

60’s Man is rougher, harder and just as catchy. The vocals have more grit; the instruments are more blunt and dense, giving the song a lot more force. Still safe in structure (meaning it’s written to catch on rather than make a statement), but more appealing to those of us with a rock bone or two.

She Done Too Much follows suit with a similar style to 60’s Man. Not as gritty but still retaining that hard edged, tension building style. The vocals go a tad raw in places rather than delivering the force that would make this more of a stand out but keep in mind, these guys formed in February so expect re-recording’s in the future For now this version will do just fine.

We’ve had the poppy number, then the rock numbers and now it’s time for the true indie appealing one. No Lies sounds like a mix of Coldplay and Blur. Not the most exciting sound in the world and not as high on our list of favs as the previous three tracks but still a decent track. A few listens make more appealing (especially the last minute or two of the track, good way to finish) so we’ll see how things pan out in the future.

Advice – go listen, give them your support. They have an appealing sound and they obviously know what they’re doing. Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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  1. The Pressures of Money E.P is availible for FREE @



  2. hup chimpanbee

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