Guns N’ Roses – Dublin, September 1st 2010: Message From Tickets There

***Review of Dublin & Belfast Now Posted***

Without rushing into a review, please allow Tickets There one quick comment to all the fans in Dublin who attended tonight’s Guns N’ Roses gig.

Go fuck yourselves, each and every fucking one of you. Anyone that booed, anyone that spent the entire night (not just the 30/50 mins we were waiting) complaining, bitching and moaning about the current line-up, the Chinese Democracy Album, the headlines from Reading (not Leeds or Belfast off course, no fun in discussing the gigs that go brilliantly) and especially every cunt in that crowd that threw bottles at the band – you are scum. You are total scum and Tickets There can only hope you receive the same, the exact same fucking treatment the next day you arrive at work – if yer capable of holding down jobs you total wastes of space.

Fuck Dublin, Fuck tonight’s crowd and fuck anyone that tries to defend the shit Guns had to put up with tonight. You are dicks!


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  1. Justin Bieber gets clocked by a plastic bottle and carries on, Axl Rose sees a plastic bottle land on the stage and has a hissy fit? Yeah, rock and roll!!!!

  2. So its perfectly fine to be 2hrs late, without even a apology?

    Fuck GNR.

    Fuck Axl for being a wimp. It was 2 plastic cups, boo hoo. Justin Beiber who is like 16, got bottled and he laughed it off. But Axl, oh noo. he has to throw a hissy fit.

    The only reason they came back after the first 20min set was so that they would get payed.

  3. What a knob jockey you are!!!

  4. Niall, James and Rob – This article is dedicated to ‘fans’ like you.

    Oh, and get your facts straight – They weren’t two hours late, it was less than an hour – SAME AS ALMOST EVERY FUCKING GIG THEY PLAY.

    Justin Beiber – good to know where yer interests lie. Maybe give Guns N’ Roses a miss next time they’re in town. Sounds like yer not ready for a rock n roll show.

  5. Tickets There cop on to yourself, what G’n’R did wasn’t cool at all, christ almighty every single gig I’ve been to for the last 20 years has involved some manner of shite being thrown on the stage, if poor ickle Axl can’t handle a plastic cup or two he shouldn’t be in this game. And no band has the right to make any crowd wait an hour, and no-one should try to excure them by saying “it’s ok, that what they always do”. People had to drive to that gig from cork, tipperary, belfast, places that would be a fair pain in the hole to get to if the gig they were at was delayed by over an hour. So to reiterate my point, fuck G’n’R and most importantly fuck petulant little fan bois like yourself.

    • Fitz, fuck any cunt that throws something at a band while they’re preforming and any shit that defends them in any way is just as bad if people didn’t like it, they should have left instead of spoiling it for the rest of us who were happy enough to wait the half hour for Axl.

      Oh, and if gigs were filled with ‘petulant little fan bois like’ myself, maybe there’d be some fucking respect for the band instead of a bunch of culchie drunken stupid shits who couldn’t handle their booze.

  6. Seriously man, have you heard of Stockholm Syndrome? The guy doesn’t give a fuck about you, me or anyone else who goes to see him.

    You can’t go on about how it’s “rock ‘n’ roll” to go on an hour late, two hours late, whatever in one sentence, and then act as if it’s an entirely different culture where it’s OK to act like a pop singer diva (or worse given the above comments about a teenage kid who can cope with a bottle in the head). If you want to act like you don’t give a fuck about your fans, your backing band, or anyone but yourself, then you can’t act surprised when people react to that.

    Rumour’s going around that two of the band threatened to quit after last night.

  7. In fairness Rob – I know you’re a HUGE fan of Guns’n’Roses and had been looking forward to this concert for months – you’re defending the shit Axl pulled. The Justin Bieber point is fair enough. Axl’s been performing for 20 years, and was 85 minutes late coming on stage, only to walk off after 22 minutes? A little professionalism goes a long way :/

    • Justin B got hit with an plastic bottle thrown by some kid. Axl got belted with a full beer bottle while he was on a ramp in the middle of the crowd. He warned people not to do it again (as he always does when someone strikes him with something) – some c**t didn’t listen and he walked off. He was only 30 odd minutes late on stage, not exactly a massive time to wait. I used the time to refresh pints, visit smoking area and loo. Other people decided to use the time to boo and bitch. Pity they didn’t just leave there and then if they were that unhappy.

      • fukuticketshithouse Says:

        Your a shithouse, 30 mins my arse, well over the hour and acted like a bitch for the night… are u 12, because 13 yr olds have more Kop on than u defending that shite

      • So you’re 13 then? Read the review.

        Axl and co made people wait over 40 minutes (more than an hour including set-up time) for the show to start.

  8. Just for example – my friend let her 8 year old son go after his first day back at school because he was dying to see them. The show finished at almost 1am! That’s such bad form dude. I’m not saying you should burn your CDs and t shirts but it’s unfair to blame the fans for this when everyone paid top whack to be there for a good Rock’n’Roll show and only got major tantrums in return. Axl even refused to properly perform when he came back on and just stood there like an angry kid.

    I hope for your sake he learns something from this and treats his fans better if he comes back.

    • An 8 year old kid shouldn’t be at a Guns N’ Roses concert – any parent bringing a kid that age should take heed of all those headlines blasted across the media every time GN’R tour/don’t tour.

      Honestly I hope he never comes back to Dublin. Belfast was soo good and he was in such great form, seeing him when they returned last night just dampened the whole night. He didn’t want to be there and he shouldn’t have been made return.

  9. I’m not espousing the bottle throwing. It’s mad of course…but when you’re going to mock the audience about not being ready for a “rock’n’roll” show, you must surely mock Axl. A rock n roll star and band can’t cope with some plastic bottles?

    And you tell fans to go “Fuck yourselves”…most of these people have paid good money, hard earned money, to see him. But of course how dare they be unimpressed and imatient with him. Mad isn’t it? How dare they demand he be punctual. What kind of fools are these people? Don’t they know what rock’n’roll is!?

    • Hi Evan – If people aren’t prepared to wait, they shouldn’t go. Fuck saying that ‘him always doing it isn’t an excuse’ – that is the excuse. if fans can’t handle it, they shouldn’t go. No-one put a gun to their heads and no one promised they show up on time. If fans aren’t prepared to heed the f**king obvious, then they’re too thick for their own good.

      I spent my hard earned money on that show and the only thing that ruined the night was the drunken prick ass fans that booed and threw bottles at Axl. The band sounded great, they played a full set – what more could you ask for? If people have somewhere better to be they shouldn’t have bought tickets.

      • Here Here !

        Axl is a Legend and should be treated like one,
        I would have paid twice the money just to be in the same room as Axl for one song.

        You paid to be entertained from what I’m hearing it was very entertaining, be it good or bad !

        Anyone who knows Axl’s history knows he aint like your usual play by the rules kinda guy.

      • Right, so it said on the booking pages “Warning: Guns ‘N’ Roses are notorious for not playing on time. This show is extremely likely to overrun.”?

        People are able to like a band for their music, and not know every piece of scuttlebutt about the band. I’ve seen bands play through after having glass bottles thrown at them, woodchip, plastic cups, whatever. I’m not saying it’s RIGHT, but I am saying it’s something he should be able to deal with.

        You know what, maybe Axl’s not able to deal with a rock ‘n’ roll show any more? It he can’t handle it, he shouldn’t play. Rock crowds have a very obvious, very public, well documented reputation for not putting up with prima donna bullshit. For anyone to act surprised or angry at the fans for reacting badly to bands taking the piss has a vendetta, because they have never done anything to make you think they’ve changed. Do these people still act surprised when they get wet in the shower? Because they seem to have no comprehension for the flippin’ obvious. Axl should stick to practising in the studio. That seems to be as much danger as he can handle.

        Ahem, anyhow, point made. If you treat people like shit, you can’t expect people to act all deferential and simply adore you. You’re complaining about people BOOING?

        Just to bring your “you wouldn’t have people booing, shouting and throwing stuff at you at your job, would you?” point into this – if I consistently showed up late at my work and refused to do what I was meant to, I wouldn’t have a job.

        Make your mind up – is this dangerous rule-less rock’n’roll, or is this a nice safe spectacle by an artiste? You can’t claim that one side of the stage edge should treat it one way, and the other side another.

  10. 1. No musician who graces a stage should ever be pelted with plastic bottles full of beer. I’m gonna assume they were plastic as you’d wanna be some low life scum bag to throw a glass bottle. Not good. Oh wait…Gary Glitter does deserve it, but just him.

    2. Axl Rose is the biggest primadonna walking the face of the Earth, and does he have any right to be? Sure some, he did front the biggest rock band of the late 80s, early 90s. But the man is now a fucking hack who no longer deserves an applause sent in his direction. The reason the man is where he is, the reason he was able to spend over a decade making an album with studio support, the reason he (more than likely) has a massive bank account, it’s all down to the fans. And he showed exactly how appreciative he was to the fans in Dublin last night, not very. Sorry website host, I have no clue where you got the idea that they were only 30-35 minutes late. In that case they would have hit the stage at 9.30 – 9.45. If Axel had have just being fractionally professional and said something like “Sorry we’re late, but we’re gonna rock the shit out of you motherfuckers tonight!” then the night would have taken a more pleasant turn. I have seen a statement saying they were scheduled to hit the stage at 9.45, but that was released post-show and you can be sure it was released as a form of damage limitation.

    3. I loved G’N’R during the early 90s. When I was 10 I threw a hissy fit that lasted a week because my Dad wouldn’t take me to Slane with his mates for the G’N’R show, I even knew more songs than he did! When Chinese Democracy came in 08 I instantly took a liking to it. Anyone who questioned my view I responded with “Yeah I know it’s not gnr, but it’s a hell of an Ax Rose album.” The point of this being, I’ve never been an Axl hater until now.

    4. Make no mistake about it, the only reason he came back on stage last night was for the payday. You can be guaranteed that a very heated argument was taking place backstage as all the fans were waiting out front clueless. If MCD sued, it would hit the turnover for this GNR tour very hard, and since money is the only reason Axl is on this tour he had no choice but to go back on stage. Oh to have been a fly on the wall for the Denis Desmond, Axl confrontation!

    5. My heart goes out to the rest of his band. Firstly, they are some of the very best musicians in their field. These guys have no doubt sat at home in their bedrooms for 12+ hours a day practicing to get to where they are today. To have to walk out on stage with such a volatile tool warrior like Rose isn’t as attractive a proposition as it once was. There were players on that stage last night genuinely embarrassed at what was happening.

    6. One person caused all that furore last night, Axl Rose. I still maintain people who throw bottles at bands are scum, but he definitely deserved the boos. To say “people should know GNR always come on late” doesn’t fucking cut it. I, who have been very familiar with G’N’R for almost 20 years now, never knew that ‘fact’. FFS, how do you expect most people to stay standing for 6+ hours in one spot and not be restless!

    7. I do realise I’m coming across as a big time Axl hater. But everything I said does not take anything away from the fact that he was one of the greatest frontmen and vocalists of his era. I just hate to see me and my fellow music fans treated like some shit on the bottom of Axl’s shoe, especially since we helped him buy those fucking shoes! With such luminaries as Eddie Vedder and Bruce Springsteen still giving 120% on the stage, there is no excuse for Axl not to at least acknowledge he is in a room with 12000 people.

    8. Axl I truely hope the tour bombs and you fuck off under the rug for another 10 years. You do not deserve the good luck and the life that has been bestowed upon you.


    • Jesus that’s harsh. Some good points but we’ll have to agree to disagree. W+e’ve said our piece enough already so no point by point arguments this time.


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