IRISH NOISE! – The Funeral Suits (MySpace)

Unfortunately, The Funeral Suits are exempt from the MySpace Review series because we’ve seen them before. Seen them, been bored to tears from what we remember and never went back..until now (oh spicy, where’s this going you ask).

Since we’re going through the Hard Working Class Heroes 2010 lineup, we saw the lads and decided to have another go, just to see what it was we originally didn’t like about them and we’re still scratching our heads. Not being massive fans of modern Irish Indie (aside from Ash, fuck yeah!), it takes a lot to get us interested but here we are, several days later still going back for more.

Opening song Florida draws heavily on current indie heavyweights, Arcade Fire but the band fuse their own mesh of sounds and oddities in to make the song a little more compelling, diverse and unique. Not adhering to any strict song structure, they jump around quite a lot in a short space of time without losing the overall flow. Could warm up to this.

Black Lemonade is a funkier affair with a good chunky bass lead and a booming vocal/drum driven grandness. It’s short, catchy and a mix of pretty perfect pop with roots in ‘real music’, pretty much everything an indie song should be. Would it stand the test of time and a larger audience? Well, in our opinion it would certainly hold it’s own on any stage going and compared to a lot of bands out there, this one has something special to offer.

Next up is a demo for Color Fader and its very sparse, very atmospheric and quite enjoyable, The drums add a real back bone for the first half before the song turns into a repetitive free for all. Very good and achieves what it sets out to do. Stars are Spaceships is the next demo and this time it’s guitars to the front, drums on standby and tension to the ready. Loopy lead jumps in, overshadowing the slightly reaching vocals before things pan out well with the re-introduction of backline guitars. A little less point to this one and in places it drags out but it’s got a good direction and in all fairness, it’s a demo – not a finished product. Watch this space for the re-review of the final version.

Acid Happy brings us to the end (since Tickets There doesn’t review remixes) and again we hear that slight Arcade Fire style jump in. There are other influences but there’s no need to go too in-depth as the band have done a pretty commendable job keeping things sounding like The Funeral Suits more than anyone else. This track is the closest to a replica and could have been picked off Funeral. Not bad, just not as appealing to us as the previous songs.

Well, despite a slightly damper note on the last one, The Funeral Suits are definitely a band we see our selves coming around to more and more over the next few months. The lads have been on the go for a few years and by the sounds of it, they’re past the ‘what do we do now’ stage of an indie band when the cloths and image are in place. We advise a visit to their MySpace a few spins of the player, great stuff!

Visit their MySpace by Clicking Here


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