MySpace Review – Bouts

There’s something you should know about Tickets There, we always get caught off guard but a solid, unflinching guitar, small changes without stopping the rhythm and harmonies. We just love that combination and when a band manages to pull it off, we always have to stop and have a look. Today’s MySpace Review looks at Bouts, a band comprised of X-Lines Drawing Circles & Green Lights members and though the songs are badly in need of a little studio time, an experienced producer and something to spice them up, they show enough potential to be a future diamond from the rough.

As always, we’ve never heard of em, never seen em.

Currently playing Simple Argument and it’s a nice, down toned number with hints of Weezer (Only In Dreams, check out the end – love it) and Ash. Not as fast as those bands but on a good course to do their own thing without pushing the boat too much. What does that even mean? We’re not entirely sure – it’s not bad ok!

First song was She Moves Alright and this is the one that sold us on the review. Better produced, nicer flow to the music and the vocals remind us of a restrained Joey Wilson in places which we’ll always give kudos for. Nice song, poppy, non-invasive and fun. Just needs a little more grit in the bridge and chorus on the vocals.

Tides is next and it sounds alright. Not really seeing the point to this one as much. Choppy vocals, feedback from a guitar that doesn’t materialize for ages – oh, there it is. All’s well and ends well, can’t argue when distortion, feedback and blatant heaviness come together like that.

So far none of these songs could come out in the current form and blow the world apart. They need re-writes and recordings done but they’ve all shown great potential and at the end of the day, that’s all a new band needs.

Last song Strike it Up starts off with a familiar intro (it’s all ion the intros lads, diversify). Vocals are too weak here to the point their character is lost, especially against the fairly stand out guitars and prominent snare overhead. Not a bad song, but so similar to the others it doesn’t really hold sway. Nice explosive chorus style though – so good I’d say I love this song just for the chorus.

Worth checking out but best to wait another year or so to give the lads a chance to really knock you out.

Bouts MySpace.


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