IRISH NOISE! – Million Dollar Reload (New Demos)

Well, well, well – it seems our old pals in Million Dollar Reload have been keeping very busy over the last few months with almost two albums worth of new material written and waiting to go! To give fans a sneak peak at their efforts, they’ve uploaded two new demos to their MySpace player and believe us; they’re well worth popping over for.

Bullet In The Sky is the lighter of the two with the sound leaning towards softer, American hair rock from the nineties. Not to discredit it though, if you’re looking for a pick me up track with a chorus so catchy you’d swear it’s medical, then this is your baby. Definitely one for the radio, the gals and the good times.

Pretty People follows and this time with more of an edge. Being Million Dollar Reload, they’re not going to drop the catchiness but everything else has been pumped up with dirt, grime, grittiness and sleaze. Vocals hit harder, riffs get heavier and there’s a frickin’ sweet guitar solo!

Tickets There was penned M$R down for ‘albums to buy’ and these shows are shoving their name higher on the list. Check their MySpace by clicking here.


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