Joe Elliott’s Down ‘n’ Outz – My ReGeneration (Album Review)

We finally picked up the courage to sit down and listen to Def Leppard lead singer, Joe Elliott’s new side project, The Down ‘N’ Outz. After hearing about this project several months ago, Tickets There has been eyeing it with our usual suspicion having never been massive MTH fans, but after several spins it appears things will have to change as The Down ‘n’ Outz début album, My ReGeneration is a serious piece of work.

The Down ‘N’ Outz, were originally formed for a performance with Mott The Hoople playing exclusively all things Mott. Along with Elliott, the band is comprised of Ronnie Garrity from Raw Glory, and Paul Guerin, Guy Griffin, and Keith Weir from The Quireboys. They generously gave the album free with last months Classic Rock and memories of Joe Perry’s recent solo disaster haunted Tickets There every time we saw the issue on the shelf. We couldn’t bare the thoughts of criticizing our life long hero Elliott and his new project, dedicated to the band he loves most in the world. Fortunately we don’t have to.

My Regeneration displays a fantastic collection of perfectly arranged, razor sharp and thoroughly enjoyable pop / rock out classics exploding with musical passion, energy and talent. The Down ‘N’ Outs sound fantastic together and they’ve given these tunes a good sanding down and varnishing making them exceptionally sleek although not letting them lose their raw, at times gritty blues postures.

Opening with the guitar, piano driven Golden Opportunity, the album bursts to life with a bang before the full on thundering catchy rampage of Storm drives it home, all in the first two tracks. Storm is a classic example of where Elliott and Def Leppard got their dramatic, memorable backing vocal power from. Overnight Angles brings things back a notch with some slicked back guitar heavy vibes before some solo driven chorus work gives the song a shredding character. Career (No Such Thing As Rock ‘N’ Roll) offers the the albums only ballad and it gives a great chance for Joe to display some of the finest vocal work we’ve heard in a long time. Just listen to that power during the chorus and you’ll hear it.

England Rocks from Ian Hunter’s 1977 solo album, Overnight Angles brings things back to a full on blitz of chaotically catchy rock fury. Shouting and Pointing again shows it’s impact on Leppard’s style with a slowed drum beat, rhythmic guitar bursts and a enough solos to call it a day. By Tonight brings more of an American sound in and, if we’re not mistaken there’s a hint of  High ‘N’ Dry in the guitars before Who Do You Love brings in some good old fashioned heavy pounding drum, keyboard power into the sound with lashings of catchy guitar rock n roll. Final tracks One More Chance to Run and Good Times end the album in a blaze of fire, gusto and all round English produced, English made seventies rock n roll bravado.

This album is exceptional. Most cover albums aren’t worth spitting on but My ReGeneration is definitely one worth picking up, especially if you haven’t heard MTH before. The Down ‘N’ Outz have done an incredible job reworking these tracks and with any luck they’ll carry on the project for a long time to come. Maybe if you visit their Website and ask very nicely, they may consider a few originals further down the line.


12 Responses to “Joe Elliott’s Down ‘n’ Outz – My ReGeneration (Album Review)”

  1. You mean “Serious piece of shit” right?

  2. robert day Says:

    album is brilliant now i hope def leppard follows up with one

  3. Bootleg Bill Says:

    For as long as I can remember Joe’s always sung the praises of Ian Hunter, and Mott The Hoople. He’d go out of his way to find out when Ian wasd in the Sheffeild area and do his utmost to get to meet the guy. That’s more than a fan for you.
    I have some stories I could tell about Joe. In all of them, you’d hear how determined he was to succeed in any band. Who knows he sat in on drums for a band called Jump? This pre-dated Leppard by a few years. Do you know something, the guy was solid. That’s Joe all over.

  4. ALL for fun… That’s about it, Novelty like. Nothing serious. No ,Anyone can Not RE Create Classic Songs n Expect to get Success On it… NOPE…. America For sure NEVER! Anyways. T.Rex,Ian H.Bowie,Roxy Music,Queen,Thin Lizzy,Slade,SWEET, are some of what JOE is try’N to Duplicate. Have FUN!!!

  5. Down ‘N’ Outz, you rock!! What a piece of work My ReGerneration is….love it!!

  6. A killer album – its a shame that Def Leppard didnt have more of this sort of rockin’ and less of the girly-appeasing guff of their last few albums – rowk and rowl !!!

    I look forward to the next installment.

  7. Says:

    Album is amazing! Joe still knows how to work that awsum voice of his:D

  8. […] Joe Elliott fronts Mott the Hoople cover band. […]

  9. I only got the album because I’m going to see Paul Rodgers and they’re supporting so I wanted to to hear what they were all about. And stone the crows what a brilliant surprise!

    This album is brilliant. Yes it’s a covers album, but seeing as I haven’t heard any of the songs before it might as well be brand new material. The songs are great. Elliott’s singing is top notch, the band is excellent and the production is sharp. It doesn’t sound a bit like Def Lep either which is a welcome surprise too.

    Honestly, anyone remotely interested in 70’s style rock and roll will find this a total gem. I haven’t stopped playing it for a couple of weeks now and I’m showing no signs of letting up any time soon.

  10. As a major fan of Def Leppard, I was thrilled to find this album. This isn’t a typical cover album, with a band trying to cash in on another band’s success. You can hear the passion and reverence Joe and the rest of the group have for this material.

    If you are a fan of this album, check out another tribute band/album called Cybernauts (if you can find it). Joe, Phil Collen and former members of Bowie’s Spiders from Mars band pay homage to Bowie’s early work in a Mick Ronson tribute concert.

    • Hey David, I’ve heard of that project but never got a chance to listen to them. Must try them at some stage (:{)

      Thanks for stopping by, always great to hear from fans of the Mighty LEPP \,,/

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