IRISH NOISE! – The Urges (MySpace Review)

Though The Urges may be more suited for a MySpace Review, we thought it was about time we did another Irish Noise feature instead because honestly, we prefer the art work and the Urges have been around for about seven years now so it’s our fault for not discovering them before today, not theirs.

Like many bands we’ve reviewed recently, The Urges play sixties psychedelic styled rock and again like many Irish bands, they play it well. The MS player starts on I Gotta Wait which has a nice alt/country opening before falling into a Rolling Stones styled swaggering rock number. Lotta crashing drums, lotta guitar work and good strong vocals. On top of the solid structure, they’ve got a pretty savage tune in I Gotta Wait.

It Ain’t Right comes on next and this one falls more into the psychedelic styled song with the standard Hammond organ joining proceedings. The vocals are a little more nasally than before but the backing chants from the band help beef things up a little. Musically it’s strong again and gets better and better as it goes on. Nothing too stand outish but very enjoyable all the same.

13th Floor (Live at the BBC) comes in third and again the psych sound returns with some Door’s-esque / garage rock fusion. Very similar in composition to many sixties greats and all the better for it. Song becomes even more enjoyable in the final minutes as the band branch out from the simple verse, chorus end structure of the other too and indulge in some badly needed trippy jamming.

Final (first) tune, The Urges Theme is another slice of catchy gritty rock. Good verse, good chorus, not. Not a song you’d write a hundred words about but worth several listens. Think we’re running out of steam today so why not check out their MySpace page and give them a go for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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