MySpace Review – Admiral Black

Anyone else been wondering what happened to Humanzi? Me too and thanks to up and coming Irish act, The Murder Clues, a piece of the puzzle has been presented to us. The manzi’s leading vox man, Shaun Mulrooney has been working on a solo project entitled Admiral Black and it appears the time has come for its launching.

The cheek you say, how dare someone in this country attempt to launch a career without informing Irelands sexiest music blog!! Not to worry folks, Tickets There’s as forgiving as a corrupt priest and we’ve taken the high road and decided to bless this inception with a complimentary review (going rate is €5,000 for other bands).

As usual, we’ve never heard the album or seen them live.

Opening song NiceMan (3 Legged Mule) retains many of the traits from the Admirals former band but manages to edge things in a different direction. Rather than the punky sound we’re used to from Shaun, there’s more of a swaggering rock front backed by an eighties upbeatness. The song’s catchy, well constructed and full of little extras to make it a tasty opening number. The cowboy styled acoustic and, what we’re presuming are maracas in the background also appeal to the ears.

Got Love If You Want It follows a similar style with a stronger riff and slightly more hard-line feel to the delivery. Not as dancy but just as appealing. Shaun’s talent is unveiling its-self more and more and the sound, while similar in places to his former group, still manages to differentiate enough to stand on its own.

The true grandness of these songs comes to a peak on third track, Closure. A daunting, haunting number lamenting love, like all great song writers are. The style and tone are a big leap away from any sound Humanzi used on their albums showing Shaun is no one trick pony and has a lot more to offer the world.

Final song, The Worm of the Third Sting represents another change, this time more in the sixties pop rock direction. There’s a psychedelic vibe mixed with a subdued poppish themes. Again, another outright winner.

Overall, a great effort so far and Tickets There’s banking there’s many more where they came from. We’re delighted to report tat’s it’s not a loyalty to Humanzi that we’re lavishing the praise, if anything we feared the worst but Shaun’s pulled it off and we’re quite happy to refer to him as Admiral Black going forward.

The Admiral Black return to Irish shores this month to play The Garage on July 29th and Twisted Pepper on July 31st. Tickets There (leg feeling up to it) will be there with the usual bells in place.

Visit their MySpace now by Clicking Here.


2 Responses to “MySpace Review – Admiral Black”

  1. They opened for the Fall in April and were pretty good.

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