Jogging – Minutes (Album Review)

Bit late with this one. Originally we were going to stick these lads in for a MySpace Review but after a few spins of their record thanks to Harmless Noise), we felt that wouldn’t do them justice and a full Album review is in order.

Made up of various members from Crayonsmith, Cap Pas Cap and Guilty Optics, Jogging were formed less than two years ago but shows with Bats and other high profile underground bands have brought them alot of attention, especially from up and coming indie label, The Richter Collective. The RC been responsible for releasing some of the most original albums Irelands produced in the last few years,including outputs from The Redneck Manifesto, Adebisi Shank, I’ll Eat Your Face and The Vinny Club. With the a real working band label in toe, Jogging have now been able to release their debut album, Minutes and before getting into the details, we can happily say there’s much worse things you could spend €5 on.

Any fans of The Future Kings of Spain, Bats and And So I Watch You From Afar will love this band. They combine hardcore singling styles, monumentally heavy bass and guitar arrangements and slick, indie rock structures to deliver truly enjoyable and refreshing sound. Opening with the belting Threadbare the album delivers an array of different styled tracks including the At The Drive-In styled Not Simple and album selling Shakeup Shakedown, the heavy, brooding Fostered Foes and the ferocious Cleft Chin, Good Heart.

There’s little to disappoint and plenty to keep you coming back. It’s been spinning on our speakers daily for the last two weeks and it’s still growing. To show they care they’ve posted the full album on their official site for streaming so why not pop over, have a few spins and enjoy yourselves.

Click Here to hear the full album in full and download.


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