IRISH NOISE – A Futurist Theatre (Soundcloud – New Album Preview)

Time for catch up season on Tickets There. We’ve been meaning to get back to several of the MySpace Review subjects for some time with A Futurist Theatre at the top of the list. Thankfully we haven’t been disappointed by lack of progress as the lads have been working hard on a few new studio cuts to keep fans happy until they get an album in the works.

Kicking things of is the spacious rocky thumper, Devil Have Mercy, which builds and builds into a stomping classic rock / indie styled thumper. Vocals go from passive to hard assed and rather than take the quiet verse, loud chorus model, the band have opted for a solid structure of constant building with one big blow out release. Nice!

The Mountains Move is next and opens with a nice down toned hammer piano before the rest of the band kicks in with a very sublimed sound compared with Devil Have Mercy. It’s a long one, filled with changes, melodies and grandness.

Finishing things off is the haunting Karenina, that sounds like Muse moving into the realm of despair. The song jumps between chilling, echoing guitar picking, ghostly harmonies and revved up drumming to ferocious (a word we love) guitar bursts, that become driven by a sizzling yet simplistic lead that spears the whole thing to a close when the vocals come tearing back in as the song erupts chaotically.

Sign of things to come? We frickin’ hope so. Check out their Soundcloud by Clicking Here.


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