MySpace Review – The Ambience Affair

Tickets There is currently doing its best to come out of a cursed slump which seems to have been lounging around for a long time now (damn Karma for the Slash review probably). In an effort to get back on our feet we decided a whole bunch of not-so-selective My Space Reviews is in order and luckily for us, The Ambience Affair are a pretty good way to start.

As usual, we’ve never seen the band live or heard their record.

Kicking off with Parting Patterns, the band’s sound is made up of melodic, soulful acoustic guitars, heavy percussion and a driving crunchy sounding bass. There’s alot of mythical themes in the lyrics that are also reflected in the music which leaves this piece a very relaxing, easy on the ears number.

Devil In The Detail is a little rawer and more direct. Alot of the same traits from Parting Patterns but it’s almost like the band have asked Joy Division for help reconstructing the delivery. As a song, it’s far more involved and less transcendent that the previous number but alot more appealing to a listener looking for some action. Another winner…in an odd, atmospheric kind of way.

The sound is very odd and the use of the instruments is unquestionably intriguing. Lost At The Start reminds us of Jape being covered by Bell X1. Same traits as the other songs with their appealingly subtle busyness running throughout. What more can you say? It’s just good, chill-axed tunes.

We’re cutting back on this song by song style of reviewing so we’ll leave it there. Interesting sound, nice and relaxing. TT likes.

Visit the bands MySpace by Clicking Here


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