MySpace Review – Five Will Die

Tickets There has a saying, ‘when in doubt, go to Cork’. Bands emerging from the People’s Republic seem to have a much greater ratio of talent to toss than any other county we’ve come across. Not to dump on the rest of Ireland or anything, we’ve just found Cork to be the most reliable for finding consistently good bands and anyone looking to prove us wrong, please do so. This damn trawling through the net is finally wearing thin.

Metal, Metal, Metal! What’s going to rip a couple of X-touts out of a Whitesnake stronghold faster than anything? Metal! Five Will Die play it, we want to hear it, you’re gonna love them.

Never seen, never heard.

First track, What They Say is nothing but six and some odd minutes of unrelenting, fury fired, hardcore aggression. There isn’t a tame moment to be found and the band sound great….if you like industrial strong death metal.

Black Cloud opens a lot softer and for awhile you’re lulled into thinking the band have an auld ballad or two up the sleeves. Fear not metal alliance, before long the singers growling roar explodes and the song turns into a doom driven …what the hell would you call it? Sounds like a physiatrist patient’s mind embarking on a downward spiral to complete insanity. Next! (In a good way)

On Your Knees has much the same opening as Black Cloud, in the sense that it’s soft but the music does contain that impending danger TT just loves. For TT, the song lengths may push things as a tad but if you’re a fully fledged fan, then you’re definitely getting value for your mula.

Self titled track next and TT is going to have to leave it on this note. Five Will Die wastes no time exploding into action. There’s so much power in the singers voice that you’ll be convinced after a few short spins.

Overall, not too bad. The length takes its toll and the lack of faster material, such as What They Say brings the pace to a very sudden stop. Aside from that the bands tight, talented and judging by these songs, they’re live shows are probably like a war zone. Worth checking out if you’re a doom / Sludge / Death metal supporter.

Click Here to visit their MySpace.


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