Fight Like Apes – Knucklehead (Lego Video)

If you read Tickets There regularly, you’ll have noticed a wee series of reviews called ‘MySpace Review’. These are quickly written opinions about bands we’ve never seen live or heard on record.

The very first MPR kicked off with then underground talent, Fight Like Apes and we were not impressed. So unimpressed that the reviews briefly became an outlet for attacks on various bands rather than an aid for their promotion. After some serious soul searching a while back, TT changed format and so did the reviews. Now we’re ready to eat our words about FLA simply because…they’re making more of an effort than most.

Although we haven’t fully warmed up to their music. The bands determination to standout and give fans more value for their buck is something alot more bands could do with checking out. Last year the band preformed two nights in the academy with a full sized wrestling ring and theatrical stage show. Awesome! Now they’ve released one of the coolest video’s we’ve seen from an Irish group. Well worth checking out if you’re a fan or not.

We found this @ Nialler9


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