MySpace Review – [r]evolution Of A Sun

Well, well, well. What have we here? Another very extreme, very heavy, very intrusively noisy band mixing hardcore punk and louder than lightening metal? We think we do J

As usual, we’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

Hailing from Cork (where most great Irish bands seem to come from these days), [r]evolution Of A Sun are pretty good if you’re in the mood for WAR! If Adrian Crowley defines joyless, lifeless music of early March 2010, then these guys are his opposites. The Evil Crowley’s, that’s a name for a band.

Sacrifice is a few minutes of pure aggression. The overall effect of the sonic assault coming out of every instrument is powerful and some of the changes are just colossal. Hell is a short, but pretty sweet Instrumental that doesn’t cut loose as much as it could but instead, offers a little relief from the chaos of its predecessor and the next track, Routine. Another scatting  attack on the sense.

Dissent again brings a full onslaught of aggression from the band. Any band with two hardcore singers screaming their nuts off is always gonna be noisy but sweet lord these guys are really noisy. Next and last (not including the demo) Titan is another chilled out instrumental. Little livelier and fuller than Hell but still maintains that mellow, calm before the WAR vibe.

If you’re gonna go hardcore but you just can’t let the sting of metal go, then check out [r]evolution Of A Sun’s MySpace and be happy mon!


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