MySpace Review – Moutpiece

Tickets There is bursting with excitement. We’ve a full night of drinking, debauchery, cheap pints and great tunes planned and we’ve decided to hell with it, a review must be written because we have a band that’s perfectly captured how crazily enthusiastic we actually are.

As usual, we’ve never seen them live or heard their album..although we did give their MySpace ago a few weeks ago when they were recommended to us. Didn’t like them then, but we do now.

We were looking for (Irish) Motorhead when these guys were pointed out to us…..ended up being nothing like Motorhead (added to word dictionary, Office shouldn’t have to ask) so they were dismissed. Now that Tickets There is restless, excited and filled with anticipation to get the night under way, Moutpiece all of a sudden make perfect sense. They’re fast, disorganized, punky, rocky, poppy and noisy. Dublin band, four of them in it yada yada yada.

24 Stella kicks things off. Without going into too much details, it’s pretty much a respectable sounding Libertines meets The Jam. TT strongly dislikes the Libertines but we frickin; love The Jam. It’s a great upbeat, energetic, chaotic tune They don’t sound pretty and they make alot of please noise. Good tune, guitar solos purposely messed up but ya gotta love the riff, very catchy.

Out of Our Heads Again is twice as chaotic, twice as disorganized and very, very dirty. Doesn’t make any sense at all and you’ll love it. Would really only be listenable if you’re heads in the same state as the bands playing but if you’re in that mood, it’s perfect. The Frog’s third and alot more structured than the previous tunes. Some oddly but welcome placed classic rock sounding riffs. Insane guitars solo that’s either amazing or terribly…terribly enjoyable. TT ain’t gonna dislike anything today!!  Love it.

Blister on the Moon’s next (there’s alot still to go), More of a rock track than the others and again the song writing structure has improved. Rather than going full on for the whole duration, the guitars and vocals show some restraint. Not a bad wee number with a hell of alot of solos scattered about. You get to hear the bass properly here aswell and it’s nifty. Hell, nice long solo at the end and this one’s played properly. If they’d gone with the messy style of the others it wouldn’t have suited this number but thankfully it’s balls on accurate.

God, still lovin’ the last track. Ok, Tony Delaroni’s next and it sounds like a Clash song. Backing vocals make a great addition. Shambolic, dirty fast punk rock again. Very short and fun. Battle Hymn of the Alcoholic’s next. Sounds like almost every other song but who cares, fun! Really liking the guitar player. You can tell they could churn out perfect renditions of any solo they want but instead they easily replicate the energy, life and grittiness of a live performance.

Runt of the Litter see’s a slight change. Rather than go for classic Brit-punk, the lads blare out some hardcore and they don’t do too bad a job. All the different styles is keeping this long playlist pretty interesting.  Last track, Rebecca Loose is grass roots punk again. What can we say that we haven’t already mentioned? Fast, scattery punk that once again, is good fun.

Recommended. If you’re as anxious to cast of the shackles of the last oppressive weekday, go out and party your asses off, then head straight over and give em many spins.  

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here!

Fastest review we’ve written in ages (breakneck speed, will re-read tomorrow)…and it shows. Have a great Friday night y’all


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