MySpace Review – Forbidden Son

The metal \m/ buzz continues and Cork has become our favorite county for new Irish rock and Metal. In the last few weeks, we’ve found bands like Stone Throwing Youths, Sirocco, Cellar Door, Fingersmith and Beastmen and they’re all pretty full on, original and solid. Today we’re looking at a band that were recommended to us by our good old Twitter pal, They’re called Forbidden Son and after a few days on and off listening, we’re happy to say they’re pretty kick ass.

As usual, we’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

Sweetest Symphony kicks off the play list with a good, bruising, overdriven riff and some nice pounding on the drums. The song mixes slow, heavy riffage with speed metal guitar leads and the occasional melodic moment. The vocals are the only thing that sound out of place but after a few goes they grow on you. Tickets There is old fashioned and we like our metal bands to growl (as we’ve mentioned far too many times before) but the style here isn’t too bad, they just need to be louder. Fortunately, rather than focusing on the vocals volume, this mix allows you to hear the true power of the music and that is certainly not a bad thing here.

Second track, Arise is jaw dropping. Starting of slow, the song develops into an eight minute attack of guitars, drums and noise. There ‘s no vocals and no formulated structure. The lead guitars spiral off into their own worlds, spewing out monster metal solo’s at every given opportunity. The intensity of the song only grows as you get deeper in and suddenly eight minutes fly by in seconds. Half way through, the track goes into death metal overdrive and loses all its former before galloping back in the form of a Thin Lizzy styled assault. We generally go into far too much detail about each track we review but words (your words TT, other writers could manage it – Ed) just can’t describe how engrossing this song is. Just as you get used to one part, they flip it about and throw something unexpected your way. There’s folk, thrash metal, death metal, melodies, floating feedback jammin’, dueling guitars and wall to wall double bass drums. The bass isn’t standing out but we think that’s our headphones (made in Cambodia in 1992 Don’t ya know).

Reflect the night’s next up and the band return to the onslaught thrash style TT loves. If we write the word riff one more time this month we’ll be shot but God damn it, you can’t not fall in line with each pounding riff this band deliver. There’s lyrics on this track again but this time they’re stronger and sound much better in the background. Rather than trying to blank them out, they add well to the unbreakable wall of guitars that dominate this song from end to end. Just as you think the band are about to return to drawn out melodic moments, they belt you in the head with the best solo of the bunch. Nice!

Symphony In the Sky begins with the softest and possibly weakest opening of the four tracks. There’s little sign of the guitars, no almighty riffage or pounding….until about a min in when the faint sounds of the double bass and riffs reappear, but not to the extent we’re looking for. The retrained tone continues until about half way through when the music starts to pick up. The solo is pretty full on and the drums play classic military styled metal. Overall though, too wishy washy for TT’s tastes. The vocals hamper the song again rather than aid it and the music is more like trance metal rather than thrash. Synth’s do not help this at all.

Well, despite leaving on a not so high note, it’s a firm thumbs up from Tickets There. They’re playing and ability to write hard hittin’ metal is solid and the guitars, agh the guitars just own everything they touch. Go check out the bands MySpace by Clicking Here and enjoy!


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