Reborn – Blood & Hell (EP Review)

Tickets There has been on a total metal buzz recently. We’re not sure what kick started it again but tt could be the fact that Megadeth are coming to Ireland again this year, or the fact that Judas Priest are just too damn good you don’t even want to listen to anything else Or maybe it’s just this simple, heavy metal kicks ass. What ever the reasons, Metal rules and Tickets There is finally discovering the Ireland has a lot of bands that do it well.

One band that does it particularly well is Mayo’s own, Reborn. We only heard these guys for the first time today but man we’re hooked. Their EP, Blood & Hell is pretty much a non-stop, thrashing, heaving monster of a record that delivers riffage up the ass. Opening song Patriot has the gust of a thrash metal classic. The band tightly explode into a frenzied, chaotic, yet structured mesh of riffs, solo’s and some extra crunchy bass for good measure. Play this song once or twice and you’ll be thrashing along within no time.

See the End continues the breakneck thrash speed with some suspended moments that only highlight the bands tightness when then push things into overdrive. Aside from the adrenaline fueled shredding, there’s some incredible soling and changes scattered throughout the track ensuring you don’t confuse this with the watered down verse, chorus, verse, chorus metal songs that are currently favored. The only improvement would be more growls from the singer. Musically the song is perfect and isn’t dragged out but the vocals need more of a sneering, aggressive tone.

Calm of the Storm kicks off with the best opening yet. Things are slowed back before twin lead guitars add some Lizzy-esqe nostalgia to their thrash foundations. The vocals here really need a push but as you can hear on Patriot, the singers still young but he’s getting there. The lead melodies in this song are perfect and remind you of Iron Maidens style. Then there’s the solo and as thrash solo’s go in this country, this is one of the best we’ve heard in awhile! Ah metal, don’t we love it.

The EP closes with Forever Known and it’s possibly the heaviest of the lot. The singers voice shows more signs of cutting loose as the band blister through some tasty riffs, delivered with more talent than you hear in a lot of younger bands. It’s no secret, we love the guitars in this band and given a few years of touring, we expect to hear a lot more from Reborn in the future.

Check out their MySpace now to hear the Blood & Hell EP in full by Clicking Here.


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