ASH: A – Z Series Vol.1 CD Coming April 19th

For all you Ash head’s who haven’t subscribed to the vinyl / digital single series fear not, Ash are releasing the A – Z Series on CD and Volume 1 (A – M) will be coming your way on April 19th. In addition to this, the album will also be available in a limited edition CD/DVD format, featuring A-Z Tour diary that the band filmed last autumn.

For anyone unfamiliar with the A – Z Series, please Click Here to read more.

The track listing can be viewed below. Unfortunately, they’re still not giving future titles away L

µ. Return of White Rabbit
A. True Love 1980
B. Joy Kicks Darkness
C. Arcadia
D. Tracers
E. The Dead Disciples
F. Pripyat
G. Ichiban
H. Space Shot
I. Neon
J. Command
K. tba
L. tba
M. tba

i. tba
ii. tba
iii. tba
iv. tba


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