Ash – Neon (Single Review)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently folks. Our editor had a nasty fall last Friday but we’re back on track now and just in time for Ash’s latest release, Neon.

We’re up to the latter I now (single 10 in the A – Z Series inc. Return of White Rabbit). So far the series has been pretty terrific. Tracks such as Space Shot, Arcadia, Ichiban, Tracers, Joy Kicks Darkness and ROWR are  already classics as far as the fans are concerned and they’ve gone a long way in proving that Ash are a band deserving of any and all attention and praise we the people can pile on them. With another seventeen singles to go over the next year, one has to wonder if there’s any stopping the lads in their quest to prove that bands can – work perfectly well outside the classic album format. Judging by Neon, it’s going to be very hard stopping them for making it work.  

Neon is a slightly off beat kind of mesh of sounds heard on the other tracks. Despite the album format disappearing, it’s very obvious that these songs all share a very common tone and structure. I’ve been listening to it since around ten this morning and originally I thought it was one of the weaker tracks like Dead Disciples but nope, proven wrong again. It’s a brilliant track with an oddly catchy chorus. The dark overtones in the verse work so well against the more upbeat direction the chorus takes.

Another winner and it just gets stronger every time you listen to it. Tickets There is back, Ash are back, Ireland get ready…..actually, Ireland, please just don’t slap us for saying something as corny as that.

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