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After spending a whole night watching Simpson’s, Cannibal Corpse videos, listening to Judas Priest, ASIWYFA, I’ll Eat Your Face, Judas Priest and Massive Attack…ah you got me, like I’d listen to that rubbish. Anyway, after all that, Tickets There has decided and formally decreed it’s time for some reviewing. We had an incredible run of luck recently with the bands we’ve found, ones that have been recommended and ones that have had the balls to ask for a review so why not? Nothing beats listening to good music for the first time.

Tonight’s subjects are Dublin Blues five piece, Murder Plan. They’re about to start recording their first album so it’s just live cuts on their MySpace but what the heck. Tis the season for branching out after all. I’ve had a few listens over the last few weeks and they really grow on you…as long as the first song doesn’t drive you away beforehand.

As usual, we’ve never seen them live or heard their album…although, we’ve given their MySpace a few spins.

First track God Help You at first sounds quite good but I found repetitive listens get on your nerves. Whether the singer wasn’t recorded properly or if she was just having a bad night, the vocals sound far too strained during almost all of the high notes. According to our ‘research’, she has an amazing voice so benefit of the doubt kicks in here. That’s the problem with live recordings, you just can’t fully tell.

Second is Ain’t That The Way and this is much better. The notes are lower and the songs faster, meaning everything is spot on. It’s quite a simple track and it lacks massive character. There’s no big event in the song but it’s catchy and will stick in your head for abit.

Wasdum to Wisdom takes its piano lead from Ain’t That The Way. It’s very similar in sound except this ones a little more on the rock n roll side of blues. The vocals are stronger here than on any of the others we’ve heard so far and they manage to incorporate a few of those classic blues moments. Reaching the high notes at the end of the chorus once again proves to be a challenge but the first guitar solo of all the tracks so far saves things. All’s well and ends well.

Nina’s Waltz is a nice, laid back track that relies more on the vocals than any of the others. Thankfully lead singer, Stephanie O’Keeffe is on the ball. The piano melodies are quite nice and the gentle hints from the guitar add to an overall pleasant ambiance.

Now we get to Tickets There’s personal nominee for their best song, The Dead Tango. More of a jazz feel to the opening than blues, that is until the real smokey blues piano and smooth guitar get laid down. The chorus is haphazard in all the right ways. A cluster of crashing instruments with a fast tempo. At times it sounds like the players are tripping over themselves trying to play as they all work their hardest to come together before falling apart again just before making contact. I like it.

Annesley Bridge on New Years Eve is a song I’d prefer to hear on record. Like God Help You, the vocals are completely off again. Obviously Tickets There isn’t trying to say we could do better but we firmly believe Murder Plan can and will. Music good, upbeat and building. We love building.

So that’s it folks. We wouldn’t flip head over heels but the  again, it’s not one of our favorite genres of music….unless there’s a man with a Les Paul and a top hat in the band, missing gigs because of his heroin problem.

Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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