IRISH NOISE! – Sweet Jane: You’re Making This Hard (Single Review)

Anyone want a fine, upstanding psychedelic rock track to pass the Tuesday blues? Well how about checking out Sweet Jane’s latest effort, You’re Making This Hard?

For those of you not familiar with the band, Sweet Jane is an alternative rock band from Dublin. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘everyone in the world is an alternative rock band from Dublin’ but Tickets There can assure you that this lot are many cuts above the rest. They write well, the play well and they’re a major force on the up and coming scene. They blend classic sixties psychedelic guitars n drums with a twist of nineties indie, vintage rock along with a few of their own unique traits for good measure.

There’s something very memorizing about this song. It’s hard to stop listening to it and each play makes the chorus more and more enchanting. It’s both captivating and soulful. The verse is very quiet, very restrained and but the chorus is Velvet Underground-overdrive. It’s repetitive but it works.

Taking up room on the flip side (B-Side TT, don’t be a Muppet – Ed) is a cover of the classic Christmas Carol, Silent Night. Not bad but after hearing this song eighty thousand times during Christmas I can’t go through it again.

As singles go, this is a good un. Check out the bands MySpace by Clicking Here and the video for You’re Making This Hard below.


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