IRISH NOISE! – Floyd Soul and the Wolf (New Album Track)

You may remember a couple of months ago Tickets There getting very excited about a band called Floyd Soul and the Wolf. Well, they’re back. Each ‘full moon’ for the next …gods knows how long, they’ll be uploading a new track for forthcoming album to their MySpace, giving fans a chance to see what they’ve been up to all this time. Fans and nasty Dublin ticket touts posing at music bloggers that is.

The first track up is the sublime, Four More Hours. On first impression the song sounds drastically different from the ones we heard before. Instead of instant riffs, balls to the walls vocals and a beat you could set a clock to, there’s delayed guitars, a slow paced ambiance and a steadily building drum beat. This pushed through the first half of the song as the band delay the big build up but keep things interesting with a chorus that’s guaranteed to stick in your head. Half way though, the familiar sound of sharper muted riffs and a choppy lead chime in, giving the song more depth.

The song never really explodes but then again, it’s not that type of song. If Tickets There were a betting Blog, we’d place a tenner on this being number one in the albums play list and it would suit that number perfectly. Hopefully number two will continue where Four More Hours left of.

As they go, Tickets There recommends. Although we’d be more inclined to favor the harder, Give It A Chance but that’s because we’re silly rock fans. Four More Hours resets a more grown up, mature sound to the bands song writing and it works very well.

Check it out for your self by Clicking Here


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  1. Fricking love this band!!

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