MySpace Review – The Pulpit

Originally we were pretty sure that this new ‘no negative reviews’ policy was going to be a serious hindrance when trying to write MySpace Reviews. We were wrong and rather than spending our time discussing which bands sound like Eunuchs for hundreds of words at a time, we can instead devote our time to discovering the rich musical voices and writers out there….or we can do what we did twice today, ask others to discover them for us. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

A special thanks to The Mighty Atomics (Deadly Band – Click Here), we’ve had the pleasure of listening to The Pulpit all evening. Are they the best band in the world? Maybe, depends what you like.

As usual, we haven’t seen the band live or heard their record.

Political Correctness Gone Mad is first and while Tickets There doesn’t like to discuss any social / political issues (except supporting any and all movements to prevent Radiohead / Kings of Leon / Coldpay and Snow Patrol from recording anymore), we will throw every ounce of our support behind the message in this song. The world is being reduced to a bunch of whinging bitches that hide behind ridiculous, overcomplicated and dilapidating laws and systems that lost sight of their original purpose many, many moons ago. Anyways, enough of that. This is a pretty sweet song. We’re really liking this surfer / sixties sound that a lot of younger bands are coming out with. There’s something very authentic about it. Political Correctness Gone Mad is catchy, it’s short and it’s quirky. I like it, Anto likes it, Tickets There likes it. Next!

Second on the list, Love Denied is a little quieter than PCGM in it’s pace. Same, simplistic structure and the singers voice has that Cathy Davey kind of cuteness that makes you want to listen. Not a whole pile to write. There isn’t any massively drastic points we need to mention other than it’s a nice song and you’ll probably like it. Don’t know if we’d buy it though.

Paula brings our selection of tracks to a close. It’s a lot more upbeat and faster than the other songs. It’s got the standard repetitive riff but it’s a nice skeletal styled one with the occasional meaty bit. The chorus get’s a tad annoying and after a few listens, this would probably be our least favorite. Not terrible, just not the most fantastic thing offered tonight. Also, it’s quite late so TT might be getting cranky.

We’ll leave it there. We enjoyed them and wouldn’t mind seeing them live. Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here to hear more.

TT over and out.


6 Responses to “MySpace Review – The Pulpit”

  1. I’d be interested to know how you can review a band if you’ve “never seen the band live or heard their record”.

    • Hi Laura, always nice to hear from the singer of a band.

      Well, we go to the bands MySpace, have a listen to the songs they have there and review them. Don’t need a record or a live show to do it, that’s why it’s a MySpace Review. Were you not happy with the review?

      Tickets There

  2. Oh, it’s a myspace review! Of course! That’s the whole point of it. I was confused because the EP is the same as the myspace, but now I see. Oh silly me, apologies.

    • Don’t be worried :). Believe me, you’re nowhere near the first person to ask about them.

      I was reading you’re site earlier and I can’t believe how young you all are. Tickets There is expecting some great things from ye in the future so more than likely you’ll see an album review when you have one out. Hope you’re doing well.

      Best Regards,

  3. Well thank you very much for taking the time to listen.

  4. Evan from the vaugely dire Tje Pulpit! Says:

    Political Correctness is a love song really!

    Anyway thanks for listening. It’s always interesting to read people’s interpretations of the songs.

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